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A mother’s love is divine

December 3, 2020

Every new mother, from the day they discover the second line on the pregnancy stick, wants to provide the absolute best for the child that they hold in their womb. However, in the face of a pandemic, when doctors are battling the virus every day to keep the people of their country safe, providing the best for your child becomes difficult. Hospitals all over the country are busy fighting to make ends meet. In this situation, pregnant women have to fend for themselves and the little life within them.

One such Warrior Mom, Monalisa Roy, placed her trust in Cloudnine Bengaluru, choosing to deliver her baby there, as it is one of the leading maternity hospitals in the country.

Monalisa Roy gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on April 6, 2020, on Cloudnine Bengaluru. A resident of Bengaluru itself, this Bengali beauty delivered under the supervision of Dr. Sapna Lulla, one of the finest among the medical fraternity on Cloudnine, Bengaluru. Monalisa is a working professional and now, a full-time mommy!

After her delivery, Monalisa got candid with us for a short conversation about her journey to parenthood. With the following interview, we present to you, Mom Warrior Monalisa Roy.

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Cloudnine: Tell us about how your family has supported you during these times?

Monalisa: I have been blessed with a very supportive husband. He is my best friend, and he walked with me, hand-in-hand, through every step of the journey, be it during my pregnancy or after the arrival of our baby. I am very thankful that I can call him my partner.

Cloudnine: What made you choose Cloudnine over the other hospitals in the city?

Monalisa: To be quite frank, I think we can all agree that pregnancy isn’t the most comfortable of times. Your body is going through a lot, and so I feel it deserves the most pampering and care that it can get, to make the journey a bit more comfortable than before. Therefore, while choosing a hospital, the facilities and services provided by the hospital were big factors for me.

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On reading about the facilities provided on Cloudnine, I was floored! The way they took care of me and my baby during my stay there, I was convinced that Cloudnine cares like a mother.

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Cloudnine: How would you say your journey on Cloudnine has been, under the current circumstances?

Monalisa: Traveling to and from the hospital for regular check-ups was quite hectic, due to the pandemic.i was very scared to step out of my house but since the hospital was just 500 meters away from my house, it made things easier. After reaching the hospital, we saw the amount of care that was being taken to fulfill all safety precautions and measures, which reassured me that nothing could happen to me or my baby while I am on Cloudnine.

I must specially mention the help that I got from the support staff on Cloudnine, especially Hemalatha. On Cloudnine, we know moms. We know the anxiety and stress that you go through during pregnancy. So, to make things a little easier, we have come up with a number of special services to ensure a smooth pregnancy for moms on Cloudnine. These facilities include pick and drop services, video consultations, online classes, and doorstep delivery of medicines, to name a few.

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Cloudnine: Describe your experience with your gynecologist, pediatrician, and other support staff on Cloudnine hospital?

Monalisa: my experience with the medical fraternity on Cloudnine was amazing! Nearly a year back, I was referred to Dr. Sapna Lulla in hopes of experiencing the amazing journey of pregnancy and eventually having a family. From our very first meeting, my husband and I both felt at ease with Dr. Sapna's approach. She was very methodical in every step and explained the reasons for every decision that was to be made.

With every hurdle that we encountered, she held our hands, leading every step of the way, and gave us confidence in our abilities as parents. She also provided us with the best advice about every query we had. Our home is finally filled with more joy and laughter since the birth of our child on 6th April 2020.

The delivery of my son went smoothly even with the ongoing situation of a pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The only words that come to our mind to describe Dr. Sapna Lulla's exceptional care, would be her genuine kindness, trustworthy approach, and passion. She is like a guardian angel to both of us as well as our baby boy.

It would be unfair of us to not mention the exceptional service that we received on Cloudnine Bengaluru. The support staff, especially Mrs. Hemlatha, are commendable. We are thankful to her for the endless support we got from her, starting from follow up calls for our child’s wellbeing to her 24x7 availability to help us in every possible manner.

She made sure that my husband and I were comfortable and not panicking in any stressful situation. My pregnancy journey on Cloudnine was quite exceptional and worth remembering!

Cloudnine: Do you have any words of advice for other pregnant women and moms-to-be on Cloudnine?

Monalisa: Ladies, you must remember: “A happy mom raises a healthy child.” therefore, I would advise you to not pay attention to any fake news that is being spread about the virus. For legitimate information about the pandemic, please refer to the online sources provided by WHO, and the national public health care department sources for news. Protect yourself by following all the safety procedures mentioned; wash your hands, sanitize your home, and avoid contact with infected individuals. Remember that with every safety measure that you take, you are not only protecting yourself but also the little one inside you.

I wish every one of you all the best!

Thank you for your kind words, Monalisa. You were a delight to have on Cloudnine Bengaluru! We are glad that you chose us to share your experience with, and can’t wait to have you back. We wish you all the best for your future with your little prince. Good luck!

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