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A mother's determination during a global pandemic

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy brings with it, a fair share of discomfort and other issues but also brings in immense joy and a sense of positivity with the new life it brings. However, nobody expects a global pandemic to come and add to their ongoing anxiety during such times. In the face of such a situation, moms-to-be across the world are displaying impeccable strength and courage, allowing nothing to mar their spirit when it comes to their newborn child. We feel a lot more comforted knowing that the future generation will be raised by such brave women.

On Cloudnine We Know Moms. We had the opportunity to witness a miracle unfurl with Warrior Mom Monisha N, who recently delivered her baby on Cloudnine, Bangalore. A Kannada speaking native who hails from Yelahanka Newtown, Monisha is a working professional who delivered her baby under one of the finest doctors on Cloudnine, Dr Mukta Nadig. She is a photographer and is a passionate nature enthusiast. Monisha was gracious enough to answer some of the questions that we had for her, and her answers left us even more awestruck by her than we already were!

We would like to share some excerpts from our conversation with Monisha, live on Cloudnine.

Tell us about yourself and how your family has supported you during this period?

This is my first pregnancy, so I was completely in the dark about what to do in any situation I might face with regard to my pregnancy! My parents and husband have proved to be my pillars of strength during this time, making sure that I was at ease throughout. They have taken care of me at every step of my pregnancy, making me feel quite blessed.

What were your reasons for choosing Cloudnine?

I am a firm believer of the fact that one of the most important factors that can ensure a smooth pregnancy experience is the medical fraternity at the hospital you choose to deliver your baby in. Therefore, right after I found out about my pregnancy, I went on an online hunt for the hospital with the best medical fraternity in the city. Cloudnine had the best reviews and seemed to fulfil all my criteria;

therefore, I had to go for it. I must say, it has been one of the best decisions I have made during my journey towards parenthood!

How was your journey, especially given the current scenario, with Cloudnine?

Talking about my pregnancy journey, I loved it! I enjoyed each and every day of the experience and it was quite memorable for me. My due date was on April 4th. However, as luck would have it, the pandemic spread rapidly in India during the month of March, leading to the lockdown. During this time, I faced a number of difficulties; I found it immensely difficult to travel to the hospital due to the unavailability of transport.

I was in the 38th week of my pregnancy, so I was inevitably very scared of going outside with a virus on the loose. I called up my doctor and asked her for help. Being the down to earth person that she is, she willingly helped me by guiding me through the entire process via phone calls. I feel really thankful for her; she made the entire process quite smooth for me.

During the lockdown, when I had to visit the hospital for the next check-up, a screening camp was held to ensure the safety of everyone who was entering the hospital premises. The faculty at the reception of the hospital too are quite amicable and swift in their work; the movement of files to the doctors happens in a fast and smooth manner, which is quite impressive. The hospital is quite clean overall, which was also something that put me at ease.

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Please share your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff.

I opted for Dr. Mukta Nadig based on the reviews and feedback that I had read when I searched her up on the internet. She is one of the senior doctors at Cloudnine and made my pregnancy journey quite smooth. She is quite endearing, and all our interactions with her have been very positive. She gives many helpful suggestions and is quick to think of creative and practical solutions to any issues I may have faced. I’m quite happy that I delivered my baby under the supervision of Dr. Mukta Nadig.

Post-delivery, the nurses played an essential role in my speedy recovery. They took care of me like I was one of their own family members!

The nurses at Cloudnine are very professional, well-educated, patient and endearing. You could call them at any time and they would be there to help you with a smile on their face! They took care of me and my baby very efficiently, even in the face of a pandemic and gave us equal importance, if not more.

Please share some inspiring words for pregnant ladies/ moms on Cloudnine, given the current situation.

All I can say is that if you stay healthy and happy, there is nothing that can stop you from delivering a healthy and happy baby!

We’re glad that you allowed us to be a part of your magical journey and immensely pleased to hear that you liked your journey with us. We’re relieved that the future generation will be raised by warrior moms like you!

After every storm, there is a rainbow!

We promise to care for you and all moms across India Like A Mother.

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