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A Modern Day mother-to-be, her needs and expectations from a birthing center

December 3, 2020

Every mother-to-be wants to feel safe and secure. She wants a place which she believes will give her and her baby-to-be the best care in the crucial phase of birthing. Preparation towards having a baby starts before pregnancy. The months spent by the baby in the mother's womb are very important in determining the overall well-being of the child.

Hence, proper care taken during this phase is nothing short of a health insurance for life. Mothers today, being well-educated, are increasingly becoming conscious of the care provided to them during pregnancy and afterward. Since pregnancy, delivery and beyond comprises of nearly one year of a lady's life she knows that the place she chooses has to be perfect. She needs a group of people with whom she can create a good relationship over time which creates the foundation for the arrival of a baby. After all, its not just the birth of a child, its the birth of a mother too. If its her first experience she doesn’t know exactly what to expect. Mothers are not the only ones who experience birth pangs. The father of the baby is equally anxious about the well-being of the mother and child.

This is the reason why birthing centers are fast growing in popularity. They combine specialized medical treatment with hospitality giving modern-day parents a personalized birthing experience. Parents feel well-supported and confident in a group of professionals.

Till about a decade ago the concept of having a world-class birthing center dedicated to mother and baby care was unheard of. Hospitals would handle deliveries alongside other cases. Maternity hospitals existed but could not provide personal care, up-to-date facilities or ambience to cater to the modern-day parents. This is around the time when Cloud 9 launched its world-class maternity center and soon grew into other related areas like fertility and pediatrics. Cloud 9 is a pioneer in setting standards which assured parents of a comfortable way to bring a baby into this world. Having specialists on the panel that focus on pregnancy, delivery and baby-care makes Cloud 9 hospital a much preferred destination to have a baby. The hospital has highly skilled doctors and well-trained staff, neonatal ICU for babies who need special care, vibrant rooms with complete privacy and state-of-the-art labor rooms.

I had a baby at Cloud 9 nearly 6 years ago. I remember being impressed with the elegant facility. I also found the nursing staff ready to help at all times. I got incredible support from the team at Cloud 9 during my delivery. After discharge, I ran into a bit of a problem. My 5-day old baby developed high fever and stopped feeding completely. She had to be left for a night in the NICU. I remember sitting that night in the reception area.

Dr. Kishore Kumar read my expression and walked up to me.  I told him about my baby's condition and he asked me to run some tests. He also assured me that things would be back to normal soon. My baby pulled out of her sickness and I was much relieved. People at the hospital were not only skilled but also concerned and supportive. These are the core elements that assure parents of a pleasant birthing experience and gives them the much required confidence they need during that important phase in life. After all, that is what every mother-to-be wants from her birthing center. To step in with a baby bump and step out with a smile on her face and a baby in her arms. The place that made it happen has to be perfect as the experience is priceless.

- Roma Sharma