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A Father’s Day Initiative by Cloudnine!

December 3, 2020

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The birth of a child suddenly promotes two individuals to a responsible role of parenthood. Mommy dear always enjoys more attention for obvious reasons. After all, she does all the odd things. But back the stage, the father too contributes silently and equally, and it goes unnoticed, unsung and unacknowledged!

This Father’s Day, Cloudnine is coming up with an initiative to understand the issues of dads-to-be, and will help and prepare them in the journey of parenthood. We are excited to welcome dads-to-be to join us as we celebrate Father’s Day. Only few entries will get a chance to attend our workshop, so hurry and register today!

Let’s us shower you with love, gifts and a lot of goodwill.

  • When: 19th June 2016
  • Where: Cloudnine Hospital Centers (Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, & Gurgaon)


Are you ready for the thrill?

Dads-to-be… It is your day to celebrate, and you deserve all the fun and excitement. Indulge yourself in these exciting sessions, and create memorable moments with your partner during the event.  

Come, join us for “get ready to play dad” workshop! (An infotainment series for expectant dads, with expert sessions & games to make you feel even more special!)

Book your spot today!


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