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A Fairy in the making :)

December 3, 2020

A FAIRY in the making

Durga Puja preparation, wanting to enjoy the break from work (10 days holiday is not a joke), go to in laws place, have fun was all in the mind when taking treatment for a slip disc. Medications, constant therapy and physical tiredness all together got me all down, losing about 12 kgs. Forced to move to Ayurvedic treatment, ended up with severe gastritis and so called nausea (washroom visits through the day) ending up having only butter milk and tender coconut is all that I can remember

The holiday was over, joined back work, travelled and danced for the end year party. All through not realizing I am carrying :) How stupid you say!!!!! I know…. but don’t blame me I am a first time mother :) don’t blame anyone else.. Because was stubborn not to visit any gyneac

25th December 2012. With the fear of having some major issues may be a fibroid :) visited Cloud nine, Malleshwaram.. Why cloud nine????… I know sounds childish.. but would see cars parke outside the hospital decorated with blue/ pink balloons, taking home new borns … and yeah that was my dream too…. yeah .... someday!!!!

Back to reality….Just as a random yes advised by doctor decided to have a pregnancy test and yeah at 7:30 pm… test comes positive… only for our shock.. Positive means I am pregnant… again don’t blame me I am a first time mother :)

Asked for a scan, guess what I am already in 16 weeks 1 day :) again don’t blame me I am a first time mother :) at least I was better than some random lady who realized in her 6th or 7th month :) just trying to pacify myself that I was no bad

All said and done … 26 December 2012, 10: 30 am I saw her for the first time. Saluting … with her hands raised and trying to tell me Mamma, it’s me… no worries you dint realize I am there.. didn’t want to trouble you… now that you know… please do take care…. will see you soon

Tears just rolled down and just would not stop… Paul ( my husband holding my hand) just lived that moment, as if it was all that we wanted to see….all my pain was gone, I had forgotten my slip disc… and yeah had forgotten the advice… no baby till 2014.. you will not be able to manage

Days passed by and yes I never felt her kick, neither move, nor roll, nor rock , may be the extra fat was not a good means of transfer of information :)

12 March 2013: yeah I felt some butterfly’s in the stomach... FINALLY!!!!! and  from then on no stop :) I could see the vibrations, feel definitely, and guess what.. would talk to her as if asking my baby for a sign based on all the different expectations which a few expecting mothers, already new mothers would share with me. Yeah was surrounded by quite a few expecting mothers, just new mothers at the same time

The rest of the months just went by :) with definitely super extra care from my husband( who decided he will be with me through my journey, no sending to home town, sat through whole day class arranged by cloud nine and yes that I will work until the day I can manage, yeah worked till 29 May 2013)

30 May 2013: Shanaaya Rachelle Paul was introduced to Sheryl and Paul :) and she definitely was a fairy with a magic wand, who took away her mamma ‘s pain and gave all joy. Paul was super excited and still in conscious after seeing me get cut, stitched and cleaned… I don’t know from where did he hire the courage :)

There was my daughter .. MY DAUGHTER  :) unexpected fairy in my arms already posing for pictures to be sent across to family.. she just moved a little bit and yeah there my best friend TEARS hugged me all over again :) definitely out of joy

The 3 days in the hospital were definitely a trauma for my mother in law who had never seen any woman walk, take bath on her own, get up and climb stairs on the day c-sec happened :) luckily she dint faint… seeing the courage her daughter in law had ;) I became a hero that day… I was a story being told to every home back at native :)  

Coming back to the fairy Shanaaya Rachelle Paul :) while filling the birth certificate form… Paul just took a minute in ticking the religion box.. Yes we left it blank because Sheryl ( Christian) and Saugata Paul( Hindu) dint want any ONE religion to be passed on…

30 January 2014: 8 months have passed by :) my Shanu just waits to see her mamma and dada come back from work, get all hugs and smiles and yes just wants her dada and mamma and no one else :) she has experimented her skils on driving and she loves noise pollution :) sound of the car horn, loves the nescafe ad and god knows why is a fan of the song dinka chika.

Thanks to my mother in law who is a superb care taker through the day that i am at work with no worries

Miss my mom at this point of time , if she were alive would have told her… your daughter is a proud mother of a daughter who is learning every day how to be a so called GOOD mother

Love you mamma :)

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