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A Different Kind of Bedside Manner: The Importance of Sexual Health Counselling

December 3, 2020

Sexual health is seldom discussed; possibly why there’s so little awareness about it. And so little accountability for it.

In a country where young adults are losing their virginity earlier than previous generations, sexual health is a subject that needs to take the spotlight. With movies, media and the internet producing more and more explicit content, it’s only natural for experimental teens and young adults to be enticed into early intimacy.

What’s All the Buzz About Sexual Health?

Curiously, sexual health spans beyond adolescent behaviour. Many married couples are unaware of its importance, or about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Awareness about the latter becomes especially important when one or both partners has engaged in sexual activity prior to the marriage. Given that sexual health has long been taboo in mainstream society, it’s hardly surprising that it hasn’t received the attention it deserves. But it ought to. Today, more than ever before.

What Is Sexual Health Counselling?

Sexual health counselling refers to a dialogue with a psychological counsellor about your sexual needs, concerns and problems. You might want to seek counselling after discovering you’ve been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease (STD), or if you are suffering from sexual performance or relationship problems. Take heart in knowing that most STDs can be treated or managed with medication. Sex counselling can help you come to terms with your diagnosis and lend you much-needed support through your treatment schedule.

What Are the Benefits of Sexual Health Counselling?

Sexual problems, whether performance- or disease-related, carry a powerful stigma hard to shake off. It can be challenging accepting your diagnosis, and informing close friends and family about your condition. Alternatively, you may find it easier to cope by keeping your diagnosis to yourself, away from the prying eyes of society.

A trained health counsellor can offer you precious direction and guidance for your condition, help you navigate areas of denial or difficulty, and restore your emotional and psychological equilibrium. If you’ve felt alone on your journey of sexual wellness, or have experienced anxiety, stress or rejection in your relationship, it’s worth seeking a guiding hand to lead you along. Sexual health counselling can be invaluable in restoring your spirit, your strength and your sexual wellbeing. All it takes is for you to take the first step.

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