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A Blissful Experience Amidst Angels

December 3, 2020

When the lockdown was announced, many people feared going out and most importantly started fearing hospitals. Imagine the situation of pregnant moms who had their due dates in this period - it cannot be described as anything less than a nightmare! This is when Suchismita Jaiswal placed trust in her hospital which took care of her like a Mom. She can recall how angels came to her aid and helped her deliver another angel!

Suchismita Jaiswal recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Cloudnine Hospital in Noida. Her main reason for choosing this warm family-like hospital was the very fact that the doctors were reliable, sincere, and experts in their fields. She calls her entire time with Cloudnine a great, peaceful experience where she could leave out the tensions of the Countrywide lockdown and pandemic havoc.

While pregnancy itself is a period where a new mom undergoes many changes both physically, as well as emotionally, Cloudnine knows exactly how to guide them and enjoy a blissful pregnancy period.  Arrives the bundle of joy Suchismita speaks about how calmly the Doctors and paramedical staff handled her case and assured her that her baby was absolutely safe in their hands, come whatever the situation.

The online consultations were all on time and as satisfying as a personal visit to the hospital.

The plus point was that she got all the services at the comfort of her own safe home. Cloudnine staff knew exactly how vulnerable a pregnant lady would be towards infections and they provided the best services to her from the start.  They even provided on-time home vaccinations and doorstep delivery of medicines. She says that the journey was more effortless with the help of Cloudnine doctors and staff. It could have been a very trying period with all the confusion and fear going around in every part of the country. Smiles all the way Suchismita Jaiswal calls the quick-minded service of all the duty doctors and paramedical staff commendable when she arrived for delivery. She reached the hospital in an emergency, as she was already into labor.

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The hospital took strict measures to limit the number of bystanders as this was necessary. Suchismita was accompanied only by her husband and they were provided with the maximum care from the staff present. She says they decided to be strong enough and welcome their baby in the world with complete joy and happiness. Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Such was the support they received from the hospital.  

The care, concern, and timely consultation from the doctors put them at ease and it provided a motherly touch. The couple was extremely pleased with the facilities, food & medication provided, hygienic conditions, and protective measures they experienced in the hospital.

A Special Mention Goes to Dr. Vinita Gupta, who takes on the role of a mother to all her patients. Suchismita lovingly calls her an important pillar of support and trust throughout her journey of motherhood. Quoting the exact words from a new mom, “Becoming a Mother is the most beautiful and blessed moment in anybody's life and Team Cloudnine and especially My Doctor Vinita Gupta has made my journey indeed a memorable one.”

The proud parents were literally on Cloud Nine as they held their precious little bundle of joy ‘Anayra’ after a wait for so many months. This little angel has brought a lot of hope and positivity to everyone who took the pain to ensure her safe arrival into this beautiful world. Choosing Cloudnine for this journey is an experience Suchismita and her family will cherish for years to come.

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