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A Big Thank You !

December 3, 2020

Things have just about settled down now and we are getting the hang of being parents. I just wanted to send you a note to say A BIG THANK YOU ! I can’t believe when we visited Cloudnine for the first time and got introduced to our doctor Witty Raina. She was our third doctor and we felt so much relieved that finally we found our doctor to look after baby and mom for this journey. But we were in biggest dilemma as the distance of Cloudnine is 30 kms from our home (so afraid of covering the distance in case of emergency/ labor pain) and at the same time doesn’t want to leave Dr. Witty Raina. I still remember the way you counsel and convinced us to go ahead with you guys. I am glad that this decision of going ahead was one of the best decision of my life. From the time we say our little bunny on the screen in scans to the delivery of him, the entire staff of the hospital is very supportive and available. We have been taken care by you guys as family. So, thank you again for creating our little bunny. Hopefully we will see you soon for Number 2 !! Thanks and Regards,Sagrika and Akhil