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8 Ways to make your child's Vaccination visit less stressful

December 3, 2020

Vaccination is important for both the mother and child. Vaccination prevents your child from dreadful diseases. But vaccination is really stressful for you and your baby as it is painful for your child.

Even though it’s hard to see your little one hurting or frightened, getting vaccinated is one of the best things you can do to ensure his health and well-being. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a recommended vaccination schedule that will help you learn about your child's vaccination.

There are few tips or ways to make your child’s vaccination visit less stressful.

1) Come prepared to the doctor’s chamber

It’s important that you know the schedule and read about the vaccination your baby is going to get. Read about it and make a list of queries if you have any so that you can discuss with your pediatrician. If you are visiting a new doctor, make sure you carry the immunization sheet of your child with you. It is a must. Also, take your child’s favorite toy or a blanket or anything that your baby like to have with him.

2) Be honest to your child

If you have a toddler or a preschooler tells her the truth. You need to explain to her about the shot she will receive at the doctor’s chamber. Talk to her about how necessary it is and how it feels. Do not hide anything, as a sudden shock may let your child lose trust on. Schedule your talk for the day before or morning of your visit so your little one doesn't have a chance to let anxiety build over several days.

3) Ask questions if needed

Don’t hesitate to ask anything or any type of queries you have regarding vaccination at the doctor’s chamber. Your doctor will help you in that.

4) Make the shot easier

You need to keep your child cool when she is getting a vaccination. You can cuddle your child or sing a song or can talk to her softly and soothingly. Make eye contact with your child and keep smiling so that your child looks at you instead of the needle.

5) Distract the baby while it’s getting a shot

Try to distract your little one with the help of stuffed animals, a toy or a book. If you are breastfeeding, feed your child before and just after the vaccination. Skin to skin contact and sweet taste of milk are natural pain relievers for babies.

6) Holding your child properly

Hold your child or toddler properly while vaccination. Center for disease control recommends different holding positions for children depending on their ages. For an infant or toddler getting vaccinated in the leg, hold the child directly on your lap with her side against you. And for preschoolers, it is recommended anchoring your child's legs firmly between your thighs so she can't take a break for the door.

7) Post shot comfort

The best way to soothe your child after vaccination is to talk to him with a soft and calm voice. Tell him that it was scary and he was very brave. Reward your child. Treat him with chocolate or his favourite food. If you have an infant feed him just after vaccination. Hold or curdle your toddler or older child. You should never scold or shame your child just after vaccination.

8) Minimize the discomfort

Children show mild reactions to vaccination. There may be fever or pain on the site of injection. Take proper care after the child during this period. You can put a cool wet towel on the injection site to minimize the discomfort. Give your child an age-appropriate approved by the doctor, a non-aspirin pain reliever. You can always visit a doctor in case of any emergency.

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