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5 Weeks Pregnant – Symptoms, Body Changes & More

June 28, 2023

Pregnancy brings many changes in a women’s body. What the entire world sees is just the size of her belly and her weight gain. Apart from this, the body undergoes many changes every week throughout the pregnancy. If you are reading this, then most probably you or your partner are pregnant, so congratulations! Read on to know what changes you can expect during the fifth week of pregnancy.

5 Weeks Pregnant

Most women are at least 5 weeks pregnant when they confirm pregnancy. This is because they take a test only after missing a period. When you miss your menstrual cycle and your pregnancy test is positive, the doctor will calculate your pregnancy weeks from your last period date – LMP (Last Menstrual Period). Your LMP would be at least 4 weeks earlier, thus making this your 5th week in pregnancy.

Though you have just found out about your pregnancy and can feel almost nothing significant, your body is undergoing a lot of changes. Some women may feel the changes early on, while some women take time to notice anything. There is no right or wrong in this, as each body is different, and each woman experiences her pregnancy differently.

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5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

When you are 5 weeks pregnant, symptoms may or may not start. This does not bear any implications on your pregnancy as such. Some women can take a few weeks to start feeling any symptoms.

Some women may experience the following symptoms

1. Spotting Or Bleeding – When you miss your period, you are not supposed to bleed, but many women experience implantation bleeding. When the embryo attaches itself to the uterus, it can cause mild bleeding or spotting. This should ideally be much lesser than your period. If you see a lot of blood or spotting does not spot in two or three days, you need to check with your doctor right away.

2. Morning Sickness – Unlike what the name suggests, pregnant women can experience morning sickness at any time of the day or night. Some women can experience nausea or even vomit from the 5th week of pregnancy itself. Altering your diet can help reduce these symptoms.

3. Tender Breasts – Your breasts are the first body part to feel any change. The surge of hormones in your body when you are 5 weeks pregnant can make it hurt or grow in size. Your breasts can feel tender or sore when you touch or press them.

4. Urinate Frequently – You may want to urinate more frequently as your kidneys start processing extra fluids to support the baby. This symptom can strike at any time during your pregnancy, and the frequency can increase as pregnancy progresses.

5. Bloating – During your fifth week of pregnancy, you can experience bloating, cramping, or even feel gassy. This is completely normal and might subside on its own. Some women may not experience this at all and some women may feel this way throughout the pregnancy.

6. Acne – The pregnancy glow is something everyone discusses. Unfortunately, many women experience pregnancy acne too. The fluctuating hormones can lead to unwanted acne for some women.

7. Mood Swings – Another result of hormonal changes – you can feel happy one minute and cry the next minute. Mood swings can be tricky to handle during pregnancy. You need to find ways to identify your triggers and distract yourself from them, as much as possible.

8. Tired – You may feel more tired than usual. If you are used to exercising regularly, you may notice a dip in your strength or stamina levels.

9. Cravings & Aversions – Yes, you can crave or develop aversions towards foods and smells in your fifth week of pregnancy itself. Though not all women experience this, some women can become sensitive to taste and smell in the first few weeks of pregnancy itself.

10. Pain Or Discomfort – If you notice any pain or discomfort around your abdomen region, it is not something to ignore. If you had a C-section earlier and feel any discomfort around the scar area, you need to get it checked right away. While your body can feel different, pain and discomfort when you are 5 weeks pregnant should not be ignored.

What to Expect in the Fifth Week of Pregnancy

When you are 5 weeks pregnant, you may be oblivious to what is happening inside your body. On the other hand, your body is busy getting ready and preparing itself to house the fetus for the next 35 weeks. Around this time –

5 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Size

Your unborn baby at 5 weeks is just the size of a grain of rice or an orange seed. Your baby will be less than an inch long. The fetus will resemble a tiny tadpole as the placenta and umbilical cord are just forming. An ultrasound may not pick anything yet and most doctors will wait another week or two, to do an ultrasound scan.

5 Weeks Pregnant - Ultrasound

At this stage, your doctor might do a transvaginal ultrasound to check for sac formation. The main reason behind this scan is to ensure it is not an ectopic pregnancy – meaning the embryo is not attached to the fallopian tube instead of the uterus.

The transvaginal scan will also show the formation of the chorion – the future placenta. Your baby will not have a heartbeat yet, so your doctor cannot check for this yet. Your doctor may or may not ask for an ultrasound at this stage. So, don’t worry if they ask you to wait for a few more days before your first scan or ultrasound.

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When you are in your fifth week of pregnancy, you may or may not experience the above-mentioned symptoms. If you experience more or none of them, don’t worry. It does not necessarily mean there is something to worry about. Remember, each pregnancy is unique, and if you have any concerns or doubts, always get them clarified by a qualified doctor.

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