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5 important spots to child proof in your home

Child-proofing your home is an essential step for your child when he is growing. As unintentional injuries very common and can be life-threatening in children. When your toddler is toddling, it’s time for you to childproof your home so that it is safe for them to roam. Here are the five spots to tackle.

1) Corners and edges

Sharp corners and edges of tables or racks can be dangerous for your toddling little one. You can cushion the table corners or edges with bumpers available at baby stores that will soften the impact if your bay knocks into them. Cover all sharp edges of any item at home that can be dangerous.

2) Hazardous substances

Medicines, birth control pills, cleaning supplies like phenyl or alcohols are dangerous to be kept in a place where your child can reach. Keep these entire items safely inside the cupboards out of reach of your baby.

3) Stairs and doorways

Install sturdy hardware-mounted safety gates at the top of the stairs and the bottom, so to keep your toddler away from stairways. You should try sealing off large hazard rooms like bathrooms or rooms containing electrical appliances like hairdryers and office with hard-to turn plastic door knob covers.

4) windows and Balconies

Your windows should have metal window guards that screw into the sides of the window frame and have bars not more than 4 inches apart so that your child couldn’t tumble out of the window. If you have a window covering with blinds, keep the cords out of your toddler’s reach. You should use cordless window coverings in the nursery.

5) Standing water

A toilet looks like a tiny pool or dumping ground for your little one. Don’t let your child pick up that porcelain bowl or breakable item to dump and preserve all plumbing with a plastic safety latch. Childproofing your home is one of the safety measures you should do for your toddler.

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