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5 Easy Recipes to Cook for Your Pregnant Wife!

The news of expecting a baby is undoubtedly the most exciting one in a married couple's life. However, this excitement also brings stress along with physical, emotional, and hormonal changes. It is at this time that your wife will need your support more than ever. There are certain tips that a man has to follow to get remarked as a good husband, and one of those tips is to either assist her in cooking or sometimes take the mantle of cooking for your lovely wife.

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Have a Balanced Diet

For a woman, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet that’s rich in nutrients and vitamins to remain healthy during pregnancy. Munching on vital nutrients also ensures the formation of your baby’s vital organs and brainpower. As a loving and caring husband, you must take steps to cook some healthy meals for your pregnant wife to charm her with your love and care.

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In this blog post, we are going to share some delicious meal ideas that incorporate all the essential elements necessary for good health.


In case your spouse is craving for something Mexican early morning and you have no idea how to curb her hunger, this egg wrap can help satisfy the desire. It is an easy-to-prepare recipe. You just have to scramble an egg along with egg white in two teaspoons olive oil. Mix it with a cup of baby spinach. Place the egg-spinach mixture in a whole wheat tortilla. You can add blend cheese for extra flavoring. Roll it up and serve it to your spouse. The egg wrap is an excellent source of calories, protein, carbohydrate, dietary fibre.


This is one of the easiest & fastest beverage to whip for your wife. You just have to use soaked figs & dates (for an hour in water/milk) make a paste by blending it. Crush with 2-3 ice cube. Garnish with rose petals & serve cold. It is an excellent stress buster packed with iron, calcium, folic acid & protein. All of which your baby & wife need.

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While being a perfect mood lifter this recipe is also simple for the husbands to make. It’s a good option to curb your wife’s constant hunger pangs, which uses well-ripened banana, whole wheat flour, dilute milk, ghee/butter, honey / Grated jaggery, a pinch of salt, elachi powder. Blend all the ingredients in a mixer to a pancake batter consistency. Now your delicious golden pancakes are ready to make.

Health Tip:

  • are an excellent source of potassium ( for maintaining your blood pressure) and roughage for preventing constipation
  • This vitamin-B6 rich fruit helps in making Red Blood Corpuscles & feel-good hormones (serotonin) - most vital during pregnancy.
  • Is a source of energy, it can help you handle hunger pangs in a jiffy!

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A colourful quick salad recipe that is rich in fibre, vitamins & minerals. Use steamed corn & spinach, olive oil, chopped onion, grated carrot, raw mango, salt, pepper. Toss all together & serve with loads of love.

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Serve a pita rich in veggies, eggs, and tons of flavour! Fill a whole-wheat pita with a quarter cup hummus and a slice of the hard-boiled egg along with a hard-boiled egg white. Add chopped tomato, half cup baby spinach, and a tablespoon of toasted pine nuts. Sprinkle little paprika before serving it with a cup of grapes.

This dish fulfils the nutrient requirement of calories, protein, carbohydrate, dietary fibre, iron, sodium, and vitamin D.

These delicious recipes will enrich your wife and to-be-born baby with calories, protein, carbohydrate, dietary fibre, omega-3 fatty acid, & many other essential nutrients.

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The two of you are experiencing this challenging yet amazing time in your life together. So, celebrate every moment and make some by either cooking together or you (dad-to-be) cook for your lovely spouse. These recipes are not too complicated to prepare and wouldsurely amaze your wife.

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