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21 weeks: All You Need to Know About Your Carrot Sized Baby

Well, you must be getting excited as you are halfway there already. At 21 weeks it has already been five months and you must have adjusted to your life as a pregnant mom quite well by now. Even if you haven’t, no worries we are here to help all the time. Now for some exciting news: your baby is now as big as a carrot!

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Baby developments

Here’s what your baby has been doing at 21 weeks into the pregnancy:

  • Your baby is now 27 centimetres in length and weighs approximately 350 grams. It is the size of a carrot if put simply.

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  • The ears had started forming early and by this time around the baby can hear sounds from the outside and be able to distinguish between your voice and others.
  • Babies develop a hair-like structure all over their body called lanugo. It's for protection and will disappear when they are born. The hair on the head and eyebrows have started to thicken and showing signs of pigment.
  • Your baby’s liver and spleen are maturing as well and producing blood cells. Bone marrow is also starting to help.

  • The arms and legs have grown into proportion allowing the baby to be measured from crown to heels now.
  • The taste buds have developed and it's possible the baby will taste what you eat as it swallows a bit of amniotic fluid each day for swallowing and digestion.
  • The fingers and toes are finally formed complete with fingerprints and toe prints.

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  • The baby’s heartbeat is now loud enough to be heard through a stethoscope. It beats at around 120-160 beats per minute which is double yours.

What can you expect to see during the ultrasound at this stage?

  • The baby’s movements are beginning to get more coordinated
  • You can expect to see your baby moving around inside your womb, although you won’t need an ultrasound to know that, given the amount of movement you’ve been feeling
  • The baby’s features are reaching their final destination, making it look more human with each passing week

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Things to do

While it is getting exciting every week you must be aware of certain things to ensure a smooth pregnancy and such that no harm comes to the baby. Here are some tips to help this week:

  • Keep a diet with a B vitamin boost. It helps with the baby’s development inside the womb and also enriches vision alongside helping to build the placenta

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  • The centre of gravity in your body will shift with the growing belly so take care to wear flat shoes and be careful on elevated surfaces and stairs to avoid the risk of falling. Contact your doctor immediately if you do fall and experience any discomfort or complications.

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We hope that you are having a smooth pregnancy up until now and remember, Cloudnine knows to-be-moms the best. We care for you and are here to help anytime. All the best!

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