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20 months of Journey in Parenthood

December 3, 2020

My son Naman is now 20 months old. This journey is really awesome. From the first day when he Was in my hand was the best moment for me. It was really tough to handle a small child, he used to sleep in the morning and awake at nights so me too have to be awake with him gazing at every one's sleep. I miss that moment when he slept at nights in my lap and i used to see his small cute face for long hours.

At the age of 1 year and 1 month he took his first step and he too was so happy With it. Till that time i was really confused about the food of my child, what should i feed him and what not to. Gradually things changed. My son now speaks many things loves me s lot kisses me hugs me.

he comforts me when i am sad just saying mumma and holds me. I forget everything at that moment.

I enjoy a lot with my son and try to spend a lot of time with him as i am working I cook many things for him and he enjoys having that meals from my handI Love u Naman


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