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19 weeks: Your Baby is Now the Size of a Mango

The fun and exciting part is here now. You are in your 5th month now. You can feel the baby’s movement around this period. Most mothers feel the baby kicking by 18 to 20 weeks. First, you might mistake it for something else but slowly you will be able to distinguish between the bumps. You will also probably notice a pattern in the kicks.

Baby’s development

Here’s what your little one has been up to this week:

  • Your baby is now the size of a ripe mango
  • Your baby has put on a bit of weight but is still all wrinkly. It will fill out with fat a few weeks before birth.
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  • Your baby’s body is being covered with Vernix Caseosa. A mix of natural oils and dead cells to protect the tender skin from becoming all wrinkly due to being soaked in amniotic fluid.
  • It is now 6 inches in length and approximately 240 grams in weight just like a ripe mango.
  • Hair is appearing on the head

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  • The brain areas used for sensory functions are rapidly developing.
  • Your baby will develop a sleep cycle and you will be able to guess its wake and nap times.
  • Up until now the skin was translucent but starting this week the skin will start getting pigmented and the skin tone will be determined.

  • The baby’s brain will have developed millions of motor neurons
  • Your baby can now suck its thumb, and move her head, along with other movements
  • You can start to prominently feel these movements inside your womb at this point
  • Your baby now has pronounced hearing; this would be a good time for you to start talking or humming to your baby since your voice will be the most prominent to your baby
  • Your baby now has functional kidneys that can produce and pass urine

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What can you expect to see in the ultrasound at this stage?

Ultrasounds at this stage are the most important. This is because the fetus develops quickly at this stage, so it is important to check if the pregnancy is going smoothly.

  • At this stage, an ultrasound is necessary to check the placenta’s position
  • The fetal size is evaluated
  • The ultrasound can help confirm the expected date of delivery at this stage

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Tips to take care of yourself and the baby during this week

  • Your baby is demanding more calories from your body now but that doesn’t mean you start eating ‘for two’. Excessive weight gain might get harmful for you and the baby so keep it simple and healthy.
  • If you feel like your baby is moving lesser than usual try consulting a doctor or maternity unit to check the baby’s health.
  • An increase in libido is normal and you’re advised to have sex before it becomes uncomfortable with a bigger bump.
  • Avoid contact sports or anything that comes with a risk of falling. We at Cloudnine know our to be moms the best and you can expect us at your service whenever need be. Best of luck!

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