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12 Things Partner Must Do For Her During Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is unique. There will be a period full of ups and downs for a woman as she goes through a mixed bag of diagonally opposite emotions. Some may feel strange cravings that are unique and out of the box. Devouring raw mangoes, tamarind is among the common cravings… according to Hindi movies. :) On the other hand, some may be surprised as to why do they not have any cravings at all.

But one thing is for sure… she needs something extra… extra time, attention, pampering, fun… The partner or the husband needs to really be supportive. Ultimately she is that job which men can never ever do. Right?

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The Belly trap!

She may find her protruding belly little embarrassing. You should be proud of it. You should say that to her loudly. On the other hand, sometimes she may be worried that the belly bump is not showing up as much as it should. You should talk to her, relieve her anxiety.

If need be to take her to the doctor for assessment.

Go For A Ride

By ride, I don't mean bumpy and adventurous bike rides at all! A long smooth car ride with a soft music on can be a great de-stress for her.

1.Take her shopping:

I don’t need to say more about this. She is the master of the game.

2.Take her for a walk:

Walking is important. The changed body and changed center of gravity make it difficult for her to go for a walk. Encourage her. Walk with her. Stop her if she is getting breathless during the walk.

Remind her to take her medicines

No one likes to take medicines. She also may not like that. But she needs to… when prescribed by the doctor. Be happy that you don’t need to take them but you can surely remind her about the medicines and maybe occasionally “serve” her the medicines and ensure that they are taken rightly.

Take her to exercise class

All though you might not be allowed to exercise with her you can surely take her to the exercise class. After leaving her you can enjoy some “me time” too.

Write a Dairy or a memory book

Most expecting mothers start this but leave it halfway. Writing a dairy keeps the record of every single day or says of two-three days during the pregnancy. This can be a beautiful lifelong memory to you both and the child too.  Why not gift a pregnancy scrapbook now? And why stop at that? Why not start jotting down things into it now?

Take her for a  relaxing Massage!

Aches and pains are common during pregnancy. She gets tired frequently. Take her for a relaxing massage? Mind you no massage on the tummy though.

Take her photo shoot

Clicking pictures is a child’s play now. Yet it is nice to do a professional maternity photo shoot. Take an active interest in deciding the shoot and work on the details with her.

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Cook for her

She is pregnant. She is working and taking care of everything as usual. At least on a few days, you can cook for her. Your skill set for cooking may be limited… but the love can be unlimited!

Make love

It is a common misbelief that one should not make love during pregnancy. There are only a few medical conditions in which sex is not allowed during pregnancy. Talk to the doctor about this. Some pregnant women may find penetrative sex difficult and uncomfortable. Talk to your woman about this.  Remember lovemaking does not mean only penetrative sex.

Give her some “me time”

Everyone needs it. She needs it even more. Hope you liked some of these ideas and if you have some of your own, please share with us!

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