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12 Must Have for Your Maternity Wardrobe

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy is a blessing for all. That beautiful feeling of becoming a mother takes you to cloud nine but as soon as days start passing, and you notice your baby bump flapping, you start wearing clothes that are comfortable and do not hinder your bump. It might be the time to switch to maternity wardrobe. Your jeans find it difficult to climb whereas your tees deny descending. You try pushing it to the limit possible but then it's high time you should make an investment in the maternity wardrobe.

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Here, we have 12 most essential items that should occupy a place in your wardrobe

  • Jeans to cover your bump: You might be used go wearing below bump jeans and they are undoubtedly comfortable but as soon as you head towards the later trimester your baby bump would flaunt and then those low waist jeans would be irritating and itching. You can now be sure that the right to switch to maternity dress has arrived and you need to switch to over the bump jeans. They are not just comfortable but also the elasticity provided would make you feel at ease.

  • Leggings: You might not be among those who prefer jeans and so you can have a perfect pair of leggings to slip on. They are super comfortable. You might need to try a few before finalizing the best piece but trust me, you would feel so light that you would simply fall in love with them. A high waist could help you play safe.
  • Cozy flats: Heels do not work well while pregnant and so you should switch to comfy slipper or flats. Ballet flat, sneaker, loafers or even flip flops you can choose as per your comfort. Either choose single colors or try vibrant shades to match your dress code. Opt for different sizes in case you feel that your legs are swelling due to pregnancy.
  • High waist pencil skirt: One of the best ways to be decked up gracefully is to opt for sleek pencil skirts. A casual shirt on top along with basic black or printed skirt would be the best for you. Comfortable fabrics and colors that are easy to wear would be the best to cover up your maternity wardrobe.
  • Tank Tees: Tees are the definition of comfort. You might have plenty but it's time to shift to extra-large ones to cover up your belly and give you a feeling of ease while sitting or walking. You might have no idea whether you would feel hot or cold during your pregnancy and so it's a good idea to have tank tops slid in that could look best.

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  • PJs- They are comforting at your pace. Easy to wear and you would feel so light in them that you could resist but stay on throughout the day. You can also wear them while feeding your babies as it has buttons to be opened and worn.
  • Tunic Tops: Long line tunic Tops would work best for you when you have stretch marks and you do not want to show off your bump. Different style and colors all to fit in your occasion perfectly.
  • Maternity Bra: Anything or everything, your wardrobe is incomplete without a perfect bra to put on. Size matters the most. You might have gained weight and so you should have yourself measured before buying one. Opt for a good quality nursing bra to save your breasts from loosening or sagging.
  • Bump Support: Be it your first or second pregnancy, you always feel heavy due to the heavy bump and so having a support might be helpful and make you feel better while carrying the weight all along.
  • Maternity Shorts: You don't want to slip in the full-length jeans or the PJs and so go for shorts that are elastic and comfortable. You can wear them easily while having a large size t-shirt to give yourself a great look. Summers might have you worried but these pair of shorts can bring in great relief.
  • Ponchos or Kimonos: Many women are concerned about looking fat but with a good pair of ponchos and kimonos you can easily look less by hiding your baby bump. Covering your hips, it would not flaunt your widen areas. You can easily wear them over your tank tops or dresses.  
  • Belly Band: You might not wish to buy a whole set of clothes and do not want to spend much, they go for buying a belly band. It helps you wear your pre-pregnancy outfits with little loss or unbuttoning your jeans. They have extra length to have your belly covered up properly.

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