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10 on 9: The Cloudnine Rulebook on Pregnancy Beauty Tips

December 3, 2020

10 on 9: The Cloudnine Rulebook on Pregnancy Beauty TipsRaise your hand if you’re wondering why you’ve suddenly sprouted thicker hair on your upper lip. It’s natural during pregnancy for your hormonal composition to become slightly skewed, leaving you to sweat a storm and discover breakouts in peculiar spots on your skin. Nevertheless, pregnancy is as good a time as any to bring your A game in the beauty department. Introducing to you, your new and improved pregnancy beauty regimen (you can thank us later)!To Consult: Best Maternity Doctor in Noida

  • Add oomph to your hair: Ok, so research suggests that permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes aren’t decidedly toxic. It’s true that small quantities of dye may be absorbed by the skin, but these are far too small to get passed on to the foetus.
  • Combat pregnancy acne: Ah, yes. Nobody warned you about acne. Pregnancy acne makes an appearance somewhere around the sixth week of pregnancy, and a combination of hormone surges and fluid retention causes an outbreak of zits on your skin. Your skin care routine to combat acne during pregnancy shouldn’t be vastly different from your pre-pregnancy routine. Moisturise well, drink plenty of water, use a good sunblock and keep your skin clean. Cliché, but true.

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  • Polish those nails: Nobody said anything about sporting boring nails during pregnancy. Oh, no, no. Go ahead and spruce up your nails. Baby, no bar.
  • Get a massage: It’s safe to get massages if you follow your doctor’s orders. Remember to avoid getting massaged near your belly. Stick to neck-up and belly-down, and you’ll be good to go.

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Pregnancy women

Pregnancy women[/caption]

  • Say yes to hair removal: This is a question that has probably plagued you since you first saw that positive pregnancy test. Good news – pregnancy doesn’t mean you need to transform into a grizzly bear. Waxing during pregnancy may be a little more painful than usual though because your blood flow is stimulated when you’re expecting a baby. Remember to apply a lotion before and after your wax to soothe the skin and prevent inflammation. While shaving and hair removal creams are acceptable for pregnant women, laser hair removal is off limits, because it can harm your baby.
  • Don a little makeup: Go minimal with your makeup. After all, why would you want to cover your pregnancy glow?

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  • Get a new pair of glasses: Did you just do a double take? Pregnant women can develop dry eyes during pregnancy because of fluid retention (yes, it’s ironic). Contact lenses may seem uncomfortable and your vision may seem less sharp than it used to be. Relax, it’s temporary, and the best solution, for now, is to indulge in a new pair of chic glasses.
  • Arm yourself with some deo: Pregnancy hormones can make you sweat, and it’s best to tuck some deo into your purse.

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Pregnancy women tips

Pregnancy women tips[/caption]

  • Pamper your toes: Are your feet swollen and heavy? Get a pedicure to cure your foot woes.
  • Pick a new hairstyle: Pregnancy tends to pack a few extra pounds on your face. Pick a hairstyle that suits your new face shape to bring out the diva in you.

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