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Women’s Day Special – 6 Things You Should Know as a Teenage Girl

December 3, 2020
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Being in your teens is kind of strange. It’s a little bit like being in no man’s land. The adults haven’t quite accepted you as one of them. And the kids? Well, you’ve certainly accepted that you’re not one of them. Then there’s your body. You seem to be sprouting an assortment of rather inconvenient body parts that refuse to grow at the same rate. And you’ve developed ingenious ways of stuffing your beginner’s bra with tissue so that the creases won’t show. So flattering.

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It’s happened to all of us, at one point, by the way. Here are 10 things you should know as a girl in your teens:

Your body will fill up

It will, we promise. It may bother you when you realise that your breasts aren’t growing the way you wanted them to, or that your hips aren’t curving like those of the other girls in your class. But your body will catch up. Your breasts will become full and round with time, and your body will develop curves.

There’s no ideal body

Seriously, size zero sounds like a type of soda, not a body type. Because the truth is, there isn’t a perfect body type. You may be endowed in various places across your body. And that’s okay. Make them your own, and embrace them. The images of celebrities that you see splashed on magazine covers and peppered across your Instagram feed, are most often, Photoshopped. Flawless skin and super skinny waists are what fuel the multimillion-dollar glamour industry. They’re not real bodies to aspire for. So, don’t.

Your period may be irregular

Your periods will probably be irregular in the first few years. There’s nothing to worry about – it’s just your body getting used to this new monthly visitor. Your menstrual cycle should settle down within a few years, though. And you’ll find that it falls into a monthly pattern.

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Sleep more

You’ll need more sleep as a teen. Research has shown that teenagers need about 9 to 10 hours of sleep per night. Between school, tuitions, music classes and other activities that you may have in your calendar, it’s unlikely that your bed is seeing enough of you.

Pick your shoes well

You’re in a phase where you likely enjoy dressing up. And you should. Minus the tight shoes. Tight shoes can give you painful bunions – bone spurs on your big toe that can be treated only through surgery. And this involves breaking off part of the bone. After that, you’ll probably be tottering around with a walking stick for six weeks. Moral of the story: pick comfortable shoes.

Learn to say no

You’re at an age where the opposite sex may seem more interesting than it did before. You may find that boys have suddenly gone from being rather disgusting creatures to mystical beings that keep you up at night – sometimes. It’s perfectly normal to have an increased interest in boys, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Learn to say no.

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You needn’t be fazed by the changes happening to your body and the rush of feelings being conjured up in your head. They’re all normal, and lovely. You’ll learn to enjoy these changes. Your teens will be a rollercoaster of experiences, and even if you slack off in any of the departments we’ve mentioned above, it’s okay. You’ll live. Take your time growing up. It’s a beautiful thing.

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