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Winter Is Approaching, Get Your Kid Prepared

December 3, 2020

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As the autumn fades into the winter, what can you remember?  A big glass of whipped-cream-topped hot chocolate or a lazy morning bedded down in the warm and cozy blankets; winters are always wonderful. But, are you dreading the season just because you know nothing will be less than a battle when it comes to getting your kids winter ready?  Here are some wonderful ways to prepare your kids for the winter season.


  • Say NO to bulky outfits:

Buy outfits which are easy to put on and take off. Winters are not just about keeping your kids warm. Never buy bulky clothes, it may make your kids uncomfortable and unwieldy. So this winter either donate or give away all those oversized and bulky dresses of your kids to people who fit in it.

  • Pay special attention on fabrics:

Take special care of the fabrics when you buy your kid’s clothes. Opt for the warm, smooth and soft material. Cloth fabrics like cotton, wool, faux fur, nylon or soft fleece are some of the options.

  • Kid’s Choice:

Take your kids for shopping and let them pick out their own clothes. But, before you leave the home tell them what you are going to buy, and how many of each thing they will be allowed to pick out. This may help in dealing their tantrums during the shopping.

  • Socks & Mittens are MUST: Make sure your kids’ socks, gloves and mittens are in the shopping checklist. It will keep them warm and protect them from winter.

  • A great winter hat: A large percentage of body heat is released through the head so it is very important that your kids wear the winter hats.


Kids usually feel uneasy and restless when they are forced to wear winter dresses. So, it’s important to make them aware of the concept of winters and winter clothing. If they still refuse to wear warm clothes like gloves and socks, etc., you can try this proven trick with your little tantrum throwers. Leave them the way they want and when they will feel the chilling cold, they realize how winters feel like and agree to put on the warmers.

Kids generally enjoy copying the adults. If you want your kids to dress properly, this winter, make sure you set an example for them. Also, remind your kids that all of their friends will be wearing winter clothes. Dress up in your winter clothes as well. They will surely follow it.

Happy winters!

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