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Week 27: All you need to know about your cauliflower sized baby

December 3, 2020
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As you enter the 27th week of pregnancy, you also come to the end of the second trimester. Overcoming the pain discomfort and fatigue that comes with pregnancy is no easy feat, but we know moms, you face that challenge head-on, all for the little one within your womb! As a mother to be, you must be very anxious to know whether your baby is developing properly or not. Here’s a fun thing to know about your baby on the 27th week; it is now as big as a cauliflower!

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Baby developments

Week 27 has been a busy one for your baby. Read on to know more about what your baby has been up to this week.

  • Your baby is now 37 cm in length and weighs approximately 91 kg. It is now the size of a cauliflower.
  • The baby can hear you, although the sounds are still quite muffled. This is owing to the layer of vernix caseosa, which is a waxy covering that protects the skin.
  • You will experience frequent belly spasms. They are actually your baby hiccupping, which is very common at this stage of pregnancy. These hiccups are indicative of proper lung development in your baby.
  • Your baby is slowly turning muscular, and why wouldn’t they? All the exercise they get each day must lead to something!
  • Your womb is their playground! The baby can now freely kick, punch, and roll around.
  • Your baby has been busy working on their ears this week. High auditory development allows them to recognize you and your partner’s voices.
  • Your baby now has a very prominent heartbeat. In fact, their heartbeat can be heard by pressing the ear to your belly.
  • Your baby now has developing taste buds. They can feel the taste in the amniotic fluid and respond by hiccupping. You are now truly eating for two!
  • Week 27 sees active brain development in your baby. Neurons and synapses are forming in their brain, creating a complex network throughout the different areas of the brain.
  • Your little one is becoming disciplined! They now have a regular sleep schedule. During their sleep, the baby “practices breathing” with the help of amniotic fluid. This prepares the lungs for breathing after birth.

What to expect in the ultrasound at week 27

At the 27th week, the ultrasound will show very little outward growth, since your baby is now focusing on their internal development. You can see your baby increasing in size.

Here are some of the things you can expect to know through the ultrasound on the 27th week.

  • Growth and development at this stage are more inward than outward
  • Your baby’s bones are able to produce all the red blood cells that their body requires
  • Your baby will be very active at this stage, so you will experience lots of kicks and movements
  • Your baby’s arms and legs are almost the sizes they will be at birth.
  • Your baby’s hearing is well developed at this stage. They might even be able to respond within the uterus to sounds they hear coming from outside the womb.

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Things to do

  • Now is the time to start preparing for your life as a parent too. Signing up for infant CPR classes is often recommended by doctors to save the child from fatal situations.
  • Now might be a good time to pick out a good quality car seat. Take your time, do your research, and pick out a good car seat for your baby’s first ride home!
  • Around week 27, you will feel quite bloated and gassy naturally. So it is always advisable to try and avoid foods that make you feel even more gassy than usual.
  • It is important to drink plenty of water and eat smaller meals a day during this stage.
  • Water retention is very high during this week, so it is important to get enough rest and hydration to flush out excessive retention to combat puffiness.

Hang on tight, because you’re speeding your way into the third and final trimester next week!

You must be used to the pregnancy by now, so you know how to deal with most of your difficulties. However, if you have any questions, feel free to consult your doctor about it. Remember, the doctors on Cloudnine care and are always there for you!

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