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Week 18: Your Baby is Now the Size of a Sweet Potato!

Welcome to the 5th month of your pregnancy, Mama! This week will be quite a pleasant week for you, although it’s quite a busy one for your baby. Your baby has now grown considerably, as you can guess from the prominent baby bump you can now flaunt. Your baby is now the size of a Sweet Potato! Read on to know what your little one has been up to this week.

Baby’s developments

It’s been a busy week for your little one. They have grown significantly, and have developed quite a bit. Here’s what’s new with your baby.

  • Your baby is now the size of a sweet potato
  • Your baby is now 14 cm in length and weighs approximately 200 grams.
  • Your baby is now unique; they have fingerprints now!

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  • Myelin has started forming around the baby’s developing nerves
  • Gender definitive body parts have started developing; female babies have the fallopian tubes and uterus in the position now. As for male babies, their genitals are almost visible.

  • Your baby can now yawn and hiccup as well
  • Your baby’s nervous system is now developing
  • You can feel significant movement in your belly now as your baby has learned to twist and turn within the womb

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  • Your baby has a regulated sleep pattern now that is governed by his internal clock
  • Now would be a good time to start talking to your baby, as his ear bones have started forming so he can hear you now.

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What can you expect to see in the ultrasound?

  • The normal growth and development of your baby can be assessed in ultrasound conducted in the 18th week
  • The normal functioning and positioning of the fetal head, chest, and abdomen are assessed
  • The sonographer will also check for neural tube defects to assess the functioning of the nervous system

  • Your baby’s loud and audible heartbeat has now reached the normal rate of 120-160 beats per minute.
  • The baby’s hands, feet, arms, and legs will continue to develop normally as expected
  • The placenta will appear healthy and in the right position
  • The amniotic fluid must be in the right amount to ensure normal development for your baby
  • The cervix is most likely closed
  • The baby’s gender can clearly be predicted

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What to do this week

  • Increase fluid intake, as that is how your baby gets their nutrients
  • Make use of your increased appetite and fall into a healthy diet. Remember that everything you eat adds to your baby’s nutrition

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  • Now would be a good time to indulge in antenatal classes
  • Avoid smoking and drinking at all costs as that can adversely affect your baby
  • Make sure you are well rested; do not exert yourself

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Keep going, boss lady! You’ve done great so far and the rest will pass in the blink of an eye. Rest assured, the doctors on Cloudnine have got your back, so relax and gear up for the beautiful journey ahead of you.

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