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Ways to Prepare Your Body for A Smooth Normal Delivery

Ask a pregnant woman about her expectations for her delivery and in most cases the answer will be a “smooth normal delivery”. Very rarely will you hear a woman wanting otherwise. However, is it so simple and straightforward? In most cases, yes, it is definitely possible to have a smooth normal delivery if one prepares well ahead for it.

One should keep in mind that the delivery does not always go as per plan and many things can change at the very last minute. That does not mean you cannot or should not prepare your mind and body for a smooth normal delivery.

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What is Normal Delivery?

First, let’s get a clear understanding of what is and how normal delivery happens.

Normal delivery is nothing but a vaginal delivery. A vaginal delivery is the most natural form of childbirth and over time it is commonly referred to as a normal delivery. A smooth normal delivery on the other hand refers to a vaginal delivery without any assistance or complications.

How do I Get My Body Ready for Normal Delivery?

So, the next natural question is – what to do for normal delivery? are there any normal delivery tips to increase a woman’s chances of having a smooth normal delivery?

While one cannot guarantee a smooth normal delivery, the following tips can help keep you healthy throughout your pregnancy and reduce the chances of unnecessary complications that may develop in the due course of your pregnancy.

  • Eat Healthy

It is very important to maintain a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy. eating right and ensuring you get all your essential nutrients will prevent deficiencies and complications arising from such deficiencies.

  • Stay Active

While it is important to stay safe and not strain too much physically, remember to stay active throughout your pregnancy. unless your doctor asks you to stay in bed or not do any exercises, you should incorporate regular exercises and movements into your pregnancy routine. Staying active will keep your muscles and joints supple and strong, which is very important for easy normal delivery.

  • Timely Medications

Never miss your medications. Even your prenatal vitamins and supplements are important. Your body is nurturing a whole human to life and needs all the extra support. Skipping your medicines might lead to unnecessary complications.

How do I Prepare My Body for Easy Labor?

When you are close to your last few weeks of pregnancy, it is natural to feel a little nervous or anxious about the delivery. You need to prepare both your mind and body to ensure the labor is smooth and easy.

Physical Preparations

As your pregnancy progresses, you may notice a change in the way or how much you can move. Physical preparation is an integral part of ensuring a smooth normal delivery.

Wondering “How do I prepare for a smooth birth”? You can do the following to ensure your body is ready for labor, without risking a preterm delivery.

  1. Pack Up – Keep your hospital bag ready by your 36th – 37th week. If you were to go into labor suddenly, you need not rush around ensuring you packed everything for the hospital. You just need to grab your bag and go.
  2. Birthing Classes – Birthing classes can not only help you learn about positions or pushing techniques but can teach you breathing too. These classes can help you connect with other moms-to-be and help you find your community too.
  3. Exercise – Towards the end of your pregnancy, your doctor or birthing instructor might ask you to do exercises to help get the baby in position for normal delivery. These exercises can also help initiate your labor and open up the pelvic muscles for smooth normal delivery.
  4. Learn To Manage Pain – Childbirth is painful. You can use a combination of natural and medicated methods to manage pain. Talk to your doctor in advance to know how to manage the pain. You will be prepared and even if your doctor is not available at the time of the delivery, you can tell your attending doctor about the pain management methods you decided on.
  5. Learn Birthing Positions – Decide on your birthing plan and learn the required positions. Practice sitting and squatting in different positions to see if you can go through with it. Some positions may sound and seem perfect but may feel different when you get into them. Try the positions under supervision to know for sure how you want to give birth.

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Mental Preparations

If you are wondering “How do I prepare for painless normal delivery”, you need to gain mental strength to go through the labor pain first. Here are some tips to help you mentally prepare yourself for smooth and stress-free labor:

  1. Labor Options – Take time to research and understand the various birthing options you have. Talk to your doctor or midwife to get more clarity about the pros and cons of each of the methods and choose the one that suits your needs. This requires more research than just learning the birthing position.
  2. Birth Plan – Have a birth plan in place. Inform your doctor and spouse about the plan and prepare accordingly. You should also have an idea about what to do if your labor does not go as per plan. When you have your backup plan in mind, your stress levels will be low, thus aiding a smooth delivery.
  3. Be Ready – Once the contractions start, you may not be in control of your emotions and how your body responds to them. So, pack your bags and be ready to go to the hospital when you have contractions or any other symptoms.
  4. Relax – If you are very stressed about labor, try meditation. Your instructor might teach you when you attend your birthing classes. You can also learn other methods to reduce stress and relax during labor.
  5. Have Your Team – Apart from your partner, have someone on your team. While your partner can be your pillar of support, it helps to have another person in your corner when you are going through labor. It could be your mother, sibling, friend or relative.


Always listen to your body and if your body resists any movement, do not push through with it. Pregnancy is not the time to test your limits, especially if you have not checked with your doctor yet. Despite all the tips given here, it is important that you get a go-ahead from your doctor before you start any diet or exercise to help you prepare for a smooth normal delivery.

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