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Understanding IVF: 7 Factors That Influence Your Success Rate

December 3, 2020

Over the past decade, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) has become a magical foretoken of a blossoming belly. It has marked the advent of a whole new generation of couples who have been able to conceive with assistance, and managed to trump a variety of conditions that were otherwise synonymous with infertility.

The success of IVF rests on a range of factors, most specific to the couple seeking treatment. Here, we spotlight elements that are most likely to influence an IVF cycle.

Factor 1: Age

Women are born with a finite set of eggs whose reserve depletes with age. IVF displays more favourable outcomes in women below 35, because the availability of healthy eggs in older women may be scarce or of inferior quality. The success rate of women below 35 is approximately 40%, whereas the average success rate for women in their forties is 4%.

Factor 2: Past Pregnancies

Like with any other trend, a proven track record points to increased odds of conception. If you’ve previously conceived a child, either naturally or with assistance, there is an increased likelihood that an IVF cycle will end favourably. Past factors such as repeated miscarriages or an ectopic pregnancy may put you in the high risk category, and you may need to be monitored more closely than otherwise. Also, complementary techniques such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis and preimplantation genetic screening may need to be paired with your core treatment plan to augment your chances of a successful IVF pregnancy.

Factor 3: Nature of Fertility Problem

Some fertility problems may not be perfectly suited for IVF. Anomalies in the uterus, ovarian dysfunction, low ovarian reserve, hormonal imbalances, tumours and select male fertility factors may influence the IVF success rate. Extended ovulation stimulation protocols may also lessen the potential of a cycle.

Factor 4: Origin of Eggs

For women who are over 35 and whose egg reserve is low, the outcome of IVF may be less favourable due to the quality of eggs. In such cases, using eggs of younger donors is a worthwhile decision. On Cloudnine, our egg donor programme pairs donors and recipients based on a careful selection of factors. Utmost care is taken in assessing the mental and physical health of the egg donor and donors who carry a thread of hereditary diseases are automatically ruled out.  

Factor 5: Habitual Lifestyle Influences

Smoking can impact the outcome of an IVF cycle tremendously. Most often, to maximise your chances of conception, you will be advised to give up smoking for at least three months before you commence an IVF cycle. Smokers exhibit varied responses to IVF protocols. For example, exaggerated doses of ovulation stimulating drugs may be required for women who are smokers. Also, implantation potential may be lower while the risk of failed fertilisation may be higher. Studies show that smokers require twice as many IVF cycles to achieve conception compared to their non-smoking counterparts.

Factor 6: Obesity

Obesity can hamper conception and increase the chances of miscarriage. Correspondingly, obese and overweight women demonstrate a lower response rate to infertility treatments than women within a healthy weight band. Underweight women exhibit similarly inferior response rates to IVF.

Factor 7: Quality of Fertility Hospital

A fertility hospital that uses advanced technology is far more likely to display superior IVF outcomes. Before setting your heart on a fertility centre, consider the following factors:

  • Calibre, qualifications and expertise of the centre and medical staff
  • Live birth rate per cycle
  • Percentage of multiple pregnancies
  • Quality of treatment laboratory
  • Profiles and problems of couples that are accepted for treatment

On Cloudnine, IVF is the shining star in our clutch of fertility treatments, having given thousands of families across India the joy of new life. Our IVF procedures are custom-made for couples across a vast spectrum. Meet a fertility specialist on Cloudnine to gain a keyhole into treatments suited for you. Grow your family the way you want to, and allow us to hand you the reigns.

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