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Tried and tested tips for dads to find a balance between career and home life

December 3, 2020

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Often working fathers struggle economy which causes them to experience more stress, more work — and, not surprisingly, less time spent with their families. The following tips are specially designed to help all the working fathers to juggle effectively between their professional and personal lives. Though the multitudes of work and life commitments won’t necessarily go away, learning to prioritize them is a strong start.

1. Communication plays a Key role: Communication is a two-way street. Instead of just listening to what is going on in your family, it would be better if you could also share your office stories with them. This will help in building better understanding between you and your family. Everyone would understand why you are away or when you would have to work from home at odd hours. So, it’s always good to keep everyone on the same page

2. Learn to say NO: It is definitely understandable that sometimes extra activities associated with your job can pop up unplanned and it takes a toll on your free time. But, it is necessary to prioritize tasks. Determine what additional activities you can turn down and keep the necessary so that you can free up more of your time outside office.

3. Develop a master family calendar: Add every family member’s schedule to one master calendar so there are no surprises. Also, save vacation days for important events. Speak to your employer regarding flexible work arrangements. Make sure the company you are working for has flexible work hours’ facilities for the employees.

4. Quality time with family: Spending quality time with your family. A family breakfast, a family time with board games, movies together will help you connect strong with your kids. Share the house chores with your spouse. Put down your phone or other gadgets and even avoid checking e-mails until after your children have gone to sleep.

Also, plan and spend some quality time with your partner. Reconnect with your spouse. Plan a dinner date or a movie date on weekends where you both can spend time with each other. This will nurture your relationship with your spouse and make it stronger.

5. Plan a family event in your office: Take your family to the office family parties. This would help your family understand your work atmosphere in a better way and meanwhile you can spend more time with your spouse and kids. You can also plan a potluck, picnic or other events with co-workers and their families.

Striking balance between the professional and personal life is very important. Planning and organizing your daily activities can help you solve this problem.

Happy Parenting!

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