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Top Five Beverages to Beat the Heat

December 3, 2020

Image SourceThe heat is on!It is uncomfortable, sticky, hotter and more common in India nowadays. The scorching sun of summer often causes dehydration in our body. And even otherwise, dehydration is a daily affair since there could be insensible losses of water from the skin too! But, if you aren’t aware of the fact, water isn’t the only way to keep yourself hydrated.These five summer beverages will help you keep cool in the hot climate. (The beverage recipes given below equates to per serving.)1. PAPAYA MUSKMELON LASSIIngredientAmountKcalProtein(gm)Fiber(gm)Papaya80gm34.4-1.3Muskmelon80gm27.2-0.8Sugar1tsp(5gm)20.0--Fresh curd100gm9811.0-Water50ml---Total 179.611.02.1Method

  • Make medium sized cubes of Papaya and Musk Melon.
  • Crush all the ingredients together & serve in the glass
  • Garnish with mint & basil leaves.

2. WATERMELON TOFU MILKSHAKEIngredientAmountKcalProtein(gm)Watermelon100gm30-Tofu50gm384.0Limon juice10ml--Honey5ml30-Mint6-7leaves--Total 984.0Method

  • Mash the tofu with hands.
  • Crush all the ingredients together in a mixer and then filter it.
  • Serve in the long glass garnished with a small rind of lemon and a small wedge of Water melon.

3. NANARI JUICEIngredient

  • Nanari sherbet base -50ml
  • Sugar syrup-50ml
  • Lemon juice-10ml
  • Dry ginger powder- a pinch
  • Soaked basil seeds- (for garnish)


  • Mix nanari sherbet base, sugar syrup, lemon juice, dry ginger, salt together.
  • Blend the mixture with ice.
  • Serve it in the glass, garnished with soaked basil seeds & mint leaves.

4. FIGS & DATES MILKSHAKEIngredientAmountKcalProtein(gm)Fresh or dry figs20gm14.8-Dates20gm56-Milk150ml635.1Total 133.85.1Method

  • Soak the figs for an hour in water (if using dry figs).
  • Make a paste by blending it.
  • Soak the Dates in milk for 15-20 min.
  • Add figs paste to soaked dates, crush with a 2-3 ice cube.
  • Garnish with rose petals.

5. ANTI-CHOLESTEROL SHAKEIngredientAmountKcalFiber(gm)Orange80gm371.9Papaya80gm34.41.3Banana50gm44.51.3Ice Cube2-3--Total 115.94.5Method

  • Blend all the ingredients to a liquid consistency except banana.
  • Puree the banana.
  • Add banana puree to the juice, crush it again with ice.
  • Pour the juice into a glass.
  • Garnish with fruit stick & serve.

Next time you feel the heat, try these yummilicious recipes at your home. Beat the heat and enjoy your liquidy treats to the fullest.