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Tips to celebrate your baby’s first birthday

December 3, 2020

It’s almost a year, you became parents to a tiny little bundle of joy and now you are planning to celebrate this moment in a grand way. But, still clueless about where to start and how to organize this event!

Parents wish to celebrate their child’s first birthday to reminisce about the wonderful journey they and their baby had together. But, often the financial and emotional stress of hosting the baby’s first birthday party takes a toll on them. Here we are, to rescue you from this problem. From balancing guest lists to planning the menu to choosing a theme and finding the perfect outfit for your child, we will guide you on how to celebrate your child’s first birthday party.

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With the below given tried and tested tips you would be able to put up a successful first birthday party for your little one.

1. Set the priority.

It is always better not to rush into activities, instead give yourself some time before your baby’s birthday party begins. Decide what special and personal touches you’d like to add to your little one’s first birthday that they will grow to cherish. We understand you need to arrange everything from photographing or videotaping the event to serving the birthday cake and meals, but what’s the point of rushing into things and messing it up. Be calm and plans your activities accordingly.

2. Keep it simple.

Sometimes a smaller and simpler event would do wonders and be as special for your kid. A small family and friends’ dinner party or a cake and ice cream party at home generate wonderfully warm memories. This also reduces the chance that your baby being overwhelmed by a huge gathering.

3. Accept help.

It might get a bit difficult for you to juggle between inviting guests, serving food and ensuring the camera batteries are fresh while you’re trying to enjoy your baby’s big day. So, if someone offers to lend you a helping hand, accept it. Let the guests be comfortable and help you out with cutting the cake, shooting the video or serving the drinks, etc.

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4. Prepare for your guests.

Knowing your guests beforehand is important. It will help you finalize food and beverage preparations and plan for any potential food allergies or special needs that your guests may have. Sometimes you need to be prepared for the uninvited guests as well.

5. Enjoy yourself.

When you wear the hat of the host, guests hardly create pockets of time for you to enjoy the party. You need to step out of the host’s role for a while to play at your child’s party or snap a photo with your birthday star, sample the food you painstakingly selected and appreciate the success of your efforts.

Sticking to your predetermined guest list will help you avoid any last minute confusion. Always have a back-up plan, just to be prepared for the unexpected. Also, it would be better if you allow your baby to relax, take a nap or unwind before the birthday party begins.

Whether you plan an intimate gathering of friends and family or an all-out bash, your baby's first birthday celebration is bound to be special, at least for you and your family. So, plan your baby’s first birthday party with these tips and make the day worth remembering.

Happy Parenting!

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