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The Story of Quadrupled Joy

The Story of Quadrupled Joy

The story of Nafeesa and Saifulla being blessed with quadruplets has been widely shared and read, thanks to the wide coverage it received over print media, electronic media and the World Wide Web.

Giving birth to quadruplets is no everyday occurrence (chances of a woman delivering quadruplets is one in half a million) but what made the momentous event rarer was the fact that the childbirth occurred after full nine months of pregnancy. It’s little wonder that was covered so widely.

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Deccan Herald, The New Indian Express and DNA are three national English newspapers which covered it. Among regional newspapers, we had Prajavani, Samyukta Karnataka, Rajasthan Patrika and Dakshin Bharat covered us. Vijay Karnataka, Kannada Prabha, Sanjevani and Udayavani were the other papers which featured the story.

The electronic media were not far behind with TV9 English (News9), TV9 Kannada, ETV, Janashree TV, Samaya TV and Suvarna News covering us.

What mattered most for us was that the four babies, came to this world safe and in good health.

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