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The lovely little toddler is yours? How do you keep 'em busy? Here are ways to help you have fun with your kid

December 3, 2020
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Your baby completes your family. Babies are a gift from heaven. Being a parent makes you wise. Parental also comes with lots of responsibilities towards your child. Along with taking proper care of your child, it's also important that your child has some recreation activities. Playing with your child helps your child to grow. Playing is the best method to learn and grow.

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There are many games you can play with your baby. Few of them are listed below.

1) Splish, splash with water

Many babies love to bath and few don’t like the idea a lot. In both cases, you can make bathing a fun activity. Collect all water toys in the bathtub. Sit with your baby if you like to in the bathing tube. Water itself has a joyful and relaxing effect on children. Use your hands or sponge to funnel water on your baby body parts. Make the baby play with the toys. It can be really enjoyable for you and your baby. Do not leave your baby unattended.

2) Peekaboo

Cover your face with your hands or a cloth piece and then let it go with an enthusiastic peekaboo sound. Children laugh at this. Babies love to be surprised. They are overjoyed to know that things they can’t see still exist.

3) Rock and roll

Take your big exercise ball and use it for your baby to play. The ball is soft and bouncy and comfortable to make a stage for your baby. Sit on the ball with your baby on the lap or if your baby is able to sit, making her sit on the ball. Hold her properly and roll her slightly in a different direction. Your baby will enjoy a lot and will eventually learn to push the ball around and will chase it.

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4) Take your baby for outdoor fun

Take your baby to a nearby greenery park. Let your baby feel the freshness of air and nature. Let your baby touch the leaves of the tree and let her feel the bark of a tree. If the grass is clean put your baby on the grass and play with you. Show her the birds and providing narration for the things you see and hear (for example ‘’look at the birds listen they are chirruping  ...chei chei ‘’). your baby will love to spend an evening like his.

5) Dance to a music

Babies love to see their moms dancing. Play a nursery rhythm or any music and dance in front of your baby. Move your hands, do some action trying to explain the story behind the song. Your baby will try imitating you and will find it very interesting.

6) Play with toys

Arrange all your babies’ toy. Tell her an imaginary story holding the toys one by one. Give her time to respond and let her imagine. This helps your baby develop language skills. Babies find it interesting when you speak in a dramatic manner to them.

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7) Where's Your Nose? game

If you want your baby to have fun and learn at the same time then this is the game you should play with your baby. Show your baby pictures of body parts while naming them like this is the nose, lips ears, here your hands and toes etc. Now asks your baby, “where is your nose? “in a singsong manner. Let your baby show it by her nose by touching her own. This will be very exciting for the baby and at the same time, your baby will learn something.

There are many such games you can play with your baby and have a beautiful moment. It’s very important to share a bond with your baby. These were a few of the ways to play with your baby. You can find or create something interesting for your little one. Just take proper care of your baby when you play with her and don’t forget to have fun.

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