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The importance of having a car seat for your baby

December 3, 2020

Safety doesn’t come by luck, it has to be prepared. As a parent, your child’s safety must be your priority. A use of proper car seat while travelling with your baby can keep him/her away from any accident probabilities. A car seat is the best protection you can get for your baby while travelling. It helps in reducing the chance of fatal injuries due to accidents.

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However, it is equally important to check whether you use the car seats properly. The majority of parents use the car seats incorrectly, thus making proper placement and installation a very important issue.

Tips to keep in mind while using the car seats:

  • Car seats should always be used on every trip.
  • Read the instruction manual fully before you use it, i.e. the types of car seats that fit best in your car and how to secure your car seat.
  • Car seats should always be installed in the back seat. It should be tightly secured and should not move more than 1 inch in any direction after it is installed.  
  • Properly wrap the harness around the baby.
  • Never use the damage car seat as it may risk your child.

Types of Car Seat and their guidelines

CAR SEAT STAGE                                                                                                                                                  GUIDELINES

Rear-facing                                                                                                Use a rear-facing car seat from birth until your baby weighs between  15- 18kgs.

Forward-facing                                                                                         Use a forward-facing car seat for your child who is up to 30kgs.

Booster seat                                                                                              Use a booster seat once your child is more than 30kgs.

Seatbelt                                                                                                     Use a seatbelt only when your child is more than 145cms, 36kgs or nine years old.

*Do not forget to refer the car seat instruction manual for information about the weight and height limits.

What to look for when buying and using a car seat?

  • A five-point safety harness: Check whether the car seat has a five-point safety harness- one for each shoulder, one for each thigh, and one between your baby's legs.

  • Easy adjustments: It is always better to opt for a car seat which has an easily adjustable straps and harness. Some care seats even have one-hand belt adjustments with quick-release buckles.

  • Latch: Latch directly attaches the car seat to the vehicle instead of using the seat belt to secure it. The Latch system makes the installation process safer and easier.

  • Easy cleaning: While buying the car seat ensure the covers of the seat can be taken off easily. A detachable, machine-washable cover makes cleaning easier.

  • Comfortable and Side impact protection:   A car seat with a well-padded seat and plenty of head support gives your baby a better ride. Some car seats also have special energy-absorbing foam and other features to protect your baby's head and chest in a side-impact accident.

Being a parent is never easy. But these tips for car seat safety can help you make your and your little one’s life simple and secure.

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