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The Holy Grail of Deciphering Your Baby's Cry

December 3, 2020

Quite often, when dealing with children, it is important to be able to bring yourself into their world in order to understand them and achieve effective communication. It would be great if babies could say out loud what they want and not give you clues and hints that would otherwise require an instruction manual. It is important to acquire the ability to decipher your baby's cry so that you can respond to every need and situation in time without cracking your head.

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What are the Common Baby Cries and Meanings?

Priscilla Dunstan, the founder of, is an authority in deciphering baby talk thanks to her rare natural abilities. She was born with the ability to capture patterns within sounds that no one else on record ever could. This sound photographic memory was enhanced by the studies she conducted with children from all over the world over a period of 2 years. The research discovered the existence of a universal language in the baby cries.

The details are mentioned below -

I Am Hungry – “Neh”

The neh or Nah sound usually means announcing hunger and as a parent, you must listen out for the ‘N’ element of the sound.

I Am Tired – “Owh”

The Owh sound usually accompanies a reflex yawn action and when you observe your child, you will see the mouth in an oval shape.

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I Need Some Relief – “Eairh”

The Eairh sound is an indication of lower gas which you can remedy by giving them a massage.

Please Burp Me – “Eh”

This is an indication of upper wind and if you are able to take action then there won’t be any lower gas situation. The sound results from the muscles in the chest of your baby tightening and the addition of a sound.

I Am Uncomfortable – “Heh”

There are several reasons that could cause Heh sounds such as heat, cold, or being in the same position for a little too long.

There is a lot more to deciphering your baby’s cries and it really pays to learn to identify the sounds and the actions that make up the entirety of the kids’ communication before they enter the world of ‘human’ speak. Learning Dunstan skills is a good starting point.

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