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Temper Tantrums In Kids: Ways To Deal With Them

December 3, 2020

Your toddler doesn’t miss throwing temper tantrums a single day. His ear shattering scream gets on your nerves and you may feel like run away to some calmer place. As a parent, dealing with your kid’s temper tantrums can be the most stressful thing. But, if you think that your kid does it just for your attention, it may not be the case always. Experts say that temper tantrums in kids can be defined as a sudden or unplanned display of anger and other emotions. The whining, crying, screaming, kicking, hitting, and breath holding is the way they show their anger and frustration when they fail to properly express their feelings verbally.

So, next time when you see your kid throwing temper tantrums at you, stay calm and try to identify what’s bothering him/her. This way you may handle the situation quickly and effectively.


  • Stay calm

To deal with your kids’ temper tantrums first you need to prepare yourself. Try not to lose temper and stay with your kids when they are frustrated and angry. Your kids may scream, kick, hit, pound the floor, hold the breath and even throw things, but during this time you need to stay calm. By staying calm, you may help your kids to calm down.

  • Ignore the tantrums and talk it over afterwards

It is one of the most effective ways to deal with your kids’ temper tantrums. When your kids get into the angry mood, their emotions take over the reasoning senses. Thus, talking out is just of no use and it may be better that you ignore their tantrums at that moment. Talk to them once they are calm. Choosing the right time to talk to your kids is very important. Else, there are chances of the situation getting worse.

  • Understand and identify the real reason for their tantrums

Understand your kids’ situation. Try to identify what’s the real reason behind their frustration and help your kids to get out of it. For example: observe which situation generally makes your kids get angry. If they start behaving cranky when hungry, carry snacks with you whenever you go out with your kids.

You may put yourself in the child’s position and think what might be upsetting him/her. When the child is below three years of age, you can’t really reason with them.

  • Time out

Sometimes a kid just needs to get his/her anger out. Making your kids sit in a quiet, but safe yet boring place will provide them sufficient time to soothe themselves and calm down. Once calm you can discuss with them why time out was important for them and why it’s not appropriate to throw tantrums.

  • Divert their attention

This is one of the best ways to deal with your kids’ tantrums. You can always take advantage of your kids’ short attention span. Try diverting their attention by offering something else in place of what they want.

  • Let them know you love them

Once your kids calm down, it’s the perfect time to talk to them. Go and give them a big hug. Tell them that you love them a lot and they can share their worries with you. This will not only make your kids feel secured, but also they will confide their fears and problems to you. It will build a stronger bond between you and your kids and you can help them deal with their emotions.

But, if you find your kid behaving aggressively such as scratching, hair-pulling, pinching other people, throwing and breaking things, head-banging or inflicting self-injury, he/she may need medical assistance. He/she may be suffering from medical, emotional or social problems which need an immediate attention. After the detailed examination, your doctor may guide you with the real situation, i.e. whether your kid needs a professional help or you need help dealing with your kid.

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