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Talking to the Tiny Ears in the Womb

January 20, 2021
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Moms-to-be often wonder if their babies in their womb can hear them, they sing some lullabies, read short stories aloud or casually talk to their little ones. Some moms ask their spouses to talk to their belly too. Can your baby hear you?

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According to new research a fetus growing inside its mother’s belly can hear the outside world, and also understand it well enough to retain the memories after birth. The beginning of the second trimester is when your baby starts to detect sounds from outside your body.


From around the sixth week to the twentieth week of pregnancy, the babies ears continue to develop and shape up, this is when your baby can hear their very first sounds, like the sound of your heartbeat or your stomach gurgling, soon they can start to hear the outside world in a muffled tone.


By the24th week of pregnancy, the baby’s ears are fully developed. According to recent studies, it is proved that many babies even react to some voices and sounds by turning their heads! Some recordings taken inside the uterus reveals that noises taking place outside the womb are muted by about half.


The voice that is heard the clearest to the baby in the womb is obviously their mothers. The mother’s voice is the only sound that amplifies inside their womb. Research shows that a fetus’s heart rate increases when they hear the voice of their mother, which shows that the baby is alert when the mother is speaking.


Although a baby’s ear continues to develop even after birth for around 5-6 months, language learning begins in the womb. Therefore, it is a great idea to read stories, sing lullabies and maybe even play some soothing music for your baby, as it is worthwhile to expose your baby to more sounds before they’re born. The third trimester is the best time to start talking to your baby as that is when they start reacting to sounds.


‘GarbhSanskar’ a common term used, which is Sanskrit for ‘Education in the Womb’, means a child’s mental and behavioral development begins right from the time when it is conceived. It is believed that following Garbh Sanskar strengthens the bond between the mother and her baby. For more insights on your infant’s hearing through the womb, consult your doctor.

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