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Should You Have A Humidifier in Your Baby’s Room?

April 27, 2023


When the air around you is dry, it can make your skin, throat, lips and even your nose feel dry. It can lead to chapped lips or dry cough, which can be irritating and painful. Your baby is prone to this dryness too if the air around them is dry and lacks sufficient moisture. Humidifiers help correct this situation by adding moisture to the air around them. Apart from preventing dry air-related issues, they can ease cold and flu symptoms as well.

Do I Need A Humidifier for My Baby

A humidifier is not a must for all babies. Despite all the claims by manufacturers, not all doctors recommend a humidifier for all babies. If you live in cold and dry conditions, it may or may not affect your baby. If you have a heating system inside the house to keep the house warm, it might make the air drier. If your baby seems to suffer due to dry air, then you may need a humidifier.

Manufacturers claim a humidifier can prevent upper respiratory diseases in babies and keep their skin soft and moist. However, there is no scientific backing for this and dermatologists do not prescribe a humidifier for a baby’s dry skin issues.

So, if you are asking yourself -“do I need a humidifier for my baby”. It varies from baby to baby and if your doctor suggests it can help your baby, then you should consider investing in one.

Advantages of Humidifier for Baby

Are humidifiers good for babies? Yes, in some cases, the y can help not just the babies, but the adults around as well. Here are some advantages of using a humidifier in your baby’s room:

  1. Help With Nasal Congestion

If your baby has a cold and the tiny nostrils seem to dry up, it can make it hard for your baby to breathe freely. A humidifier can reduce the dryness in the air and help open up the nostrils clogged with dry mucus.

Most doctors would advise nasal saline drops, a suction bulb or steam inhalation. However, if you are not keen on using nasal drops or want your baby to be comfortable at all times, a humidifier can definitely help.

  1. White Noise

One of the benefits of a humidifier while sleeping is the noise it creates. Many humidifier models came with a white noise provision. So, if you can invest in a humidifier instead of a white noise machine and help your baby sleep better. Even the models without a white noise provision will steadily hum, thus creating a white noise-like effect in the room.

  1. Prevent Dry Skin

Dry air leads to dry skin. Babies have very tender skin which can get stripped of moisture very easily. Dry skin can not only cause rashes, eczema, or atopic dermatitis in babies but can also affect their sleep. A humidifier can ease this discomfort and help improve both your baby’s skin and sleep.

Are Humidifiers Safe for Babies?

Safety triumphs baby room humidifier benefits. If you follow the instructions given in the manual and get your doctor’s approval for using the humidifier in your baby’s room, it can be safe. Here are some safety tips you can follow, to ensure your baby is safe at all times:

  1. Maintain Distance

Keep the humidifier far away from your baby’s bed. Though you want your baby to benefit from the humidity, do not let the mist or vapour land on your baby or the bed directly. Also, if your baby is turning or moving their limbs, ensure the humidifier is far away from their reach.

Keep the humidifier on a high shelf or stand, away from the crib or bed. Also, tie up or tuck away the wire to avoid tripping over it.

  1. Check for Mould

Where there is moisture, you can find mould. Since a humidifier is always moist, you need to routinely check for m old growth. Clean the humidifier routinely by taking apart the pieces and cleaning the m separately.

  1. Distilled Water

Distilled water has less minerals than tap water. So, unless your humidifier user manual says no to distilled water, you can use it instead of tap water. This in turn can reduce the formation of mould.

  1. Cold Vs Warm

You have two options – a cool mist humidifier and a warm mist vaporizer. A cool mist humidifier will be cool to touch. On the other hand, a warm mist vaporizer will is a scalding hazard and can be dangerous if accidentally tipped over. Despite the benefits of a vaporizer humidifier, you should consider this risk.

  1. Avoid Dampness

The aim is to prevent dry air in your baby’s room and not replace it with dampness. Ensure the room doesn’t feel damp as it can lead tothe formation of mould or mildew and cause damage to not just the humidifier but to the furniture and walls too.

  1. Skip Additives

A common question when it comes to using humidifiers is “is eucalyptus oil in humidifiers good for babies”? Eucalyptus oil has its own set of benefits when it comes to treating cold symptoms. However, using it in a humidifier will hardly make any difference. Also, the constant smell of eucalyptus can get too strong for both you and the baby.

You can add it to their bath water instead of the humidifier if you are keen on the benefits it can offer your baby.


Having a humidifier is good for babies in many ways. If you are worried about dry air and your baby’s comfort, you can certainly use a humidifier. Check with your doctorand invest in the right model to get the maximum benefit from them.

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  1. Is a humidifier good for a baby?

●      Yes, it can help restore the moisture in the dry air around your baby and prevent the ill effects of dry air on your baby’s health.

  1. Are  humidifiers safe for babies?

●    Yes, they are safe as long as you use them

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