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Welcome to Week 20

Week 20 signifies the halfway mark in your pregnancy, so by the end of this week, you should be exactly midway through your pregnancy journey. Here’s what you need to know about this week.

Update on Your Body

Your uterus is now at the level of your navel or slightly lower. By now, you may feel your baby moving, twisting, punching and kicking more often. In fact, he or she may even display movement on hearing a loud sound. You may perspire more than usual, as your thyroid gland becomes more active in adjusting to your body’s increased requirements. The round muscles of your urinary tract are more relaxed now due to your pregnancy hormones. Your growing baby and weight gain might make you weary and frequently tired.

Update on Your Baby

A white greasy substance known as the vernix caseosa covers your baby’s skin now. Since your baby is submerged in amniotic fluid within your uterus, this substance forms a protective layer on the skin, against the amniotic fluid. It also helps your baby pass through the birth canal during childbirth. Your baby can hear now, so a loud sound around you may make your baby jump or cover his or her ears. The intestines have begun producing a dark green substance called meconium, which should constitute your baby’s first stool or motion.

Your Baby’s Size

6.5 inches, or the size of a banana.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Your urinary tract muscles are more relaxed now, increasing the possibility of urinary tract infections. Drink plenty of water, wear loose-fitting underwear and avoid holding your urine for too long, to minimise the risk of infections.Make time through the day to rest, schedule your chores and take a break every now and then. Elevate your feet to prevent ankle swelling.Discuss your birth plan with your doctor, including the type of delivery you would like to have.


Try not to overexert yourself.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Bacteria can enter your partner’s bladder through the vagina during sexual intercourse. Hence, make sure you maintain utmost personal hygiene before and after intercourse.