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Welcome to Week 19

You are around the beginning of your 5th month now and very close to completing the first half of your pregnancy journey.

Update on Your Body

You will soon gain more weight on your bottom, hips and thighs, in addition to your abdomen, of course. You may begin to experience mild aches and pains too. Spider nevi, or red marks caused by dilated blood vessels, may appear on your face, neck and shoulders. These are common during pregnancy, and you need not worry about them as they are temporary and will disappear after childbirth.

Update on Your Baby

Your baby’s head has started to grow hair, the kidneys have begun to form urine, and milk teeth have already formed within the gums. The brain is developing the parts that are responsible for your baby’s senses. If your baby is a little girl, her ovaries may have formed up to 6 million eggs already.

Your Baby’s Size

6 inches, or the size of a mango.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Your doctor may ask you to discontinue your folic acid supplements now. Most doctors recommend taking them only up to the end of the fourth month or for an extra few weeks through the second trimester. However, do not discontinue them unless you are told to do so by your doctor.If you haven’t started exercising yet, you need to begin now. If you can’t make time for exercise daily, do it whenever you can. Discuss your exercise routine with your doctor and do not exercise if you have been advised against it.This week onward, you may want to begin chest exercises to tone your chest, improve the development of your breasts and prevent future sagging.Exercising your feet regularly will improve blood circulation and reduce or prevent ankle swelling, cramps and varicose veins as your pregnancy progresses.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Encourage your partner to exercise.Ease her aches and pains by giving her massages. You could even pamper her with a massage session at the spa.