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Overcoming Obstacles

our patients walk in with the idea that our doctors will be able to help them get past all sorts of medical obstacles to be blessed with a bundle of joy that they had always wanted. Pragathi was no different. If you have read the previous blogs in the series, you would know what kind of emotional trauma she underwent after three of her pregnancies failed. Under extreme duress to be able to carry her baby to term, to be able to enjoy all the adorable things her little would do, she came to Dr. Girijia, determined to follow her recommendations to the last letter.

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When Dr. Girija, through careful clinical investigations, found out that Pragathi had a bicornuate uterus, made all the more complex by the presence of septum in her uterus, essentially dividing her uterus into two portions, she immediately knew that Pragathi would have to undergo a septal resection to increase the capacity of her uterus and enable her pregnancy to sustain. Understanding fully well that this would be the only way her dream of motherhood would come true, Pragathi got the procedure done elsewhere keeping her fingers crossed for the best.

Conceiving Again


Pragathi quickly realized that Dr. Girija was spot on. Within a very short window of her septal resection, Pragathi found out that she had conceived yet again. Even though she wanted to consult with Dr. Girija only, the distance became a huge factor. Considering how delicate her pregnancy was, she opted to consult with a doctor close to where she lived to cut down on traveling and the implications it would bring on her health and pregnancy. Unfortunately for her though, there was another heartbreak lurking around in the corner: she lost this baby too.

Recovering And Moving On

It’s not easy to ‘recover’ after a failed pregnancy, more so, if there’s been more than one instance. Pragathi was devastated, questioning her own capability of becoming a mother. Under the microscope of family and friends, Pragathi was bogged down, sad and inconsolable. Would she ever get to enjoy the giggles and antics of her little one? One fine day, as she closed her eyes, her mind whizzing with unanswered questions, she remembered Dr. Girija - her smile, her calm demeanor, her confidence and above all, all the knowledge she had. She wasted no time in booking an appointment with her, knowing fully well that only she would be able to help.

The New Beginning

It’s not easy to instill confidence in someone who has been battered by fate’s cruel plans. Yet, thanks to her rich experience and mature outlook, Dr. Girija was everything that Pragathi needed at that point to not just move on, but also to retain hope. Fortunately for her, following Dr. Girija’s plan helped - she conceived yet again. But this time around, her nerves were overpowering with her. Even though she was happy that she was pregnant, yet the cycle seemed to be all too familiar. Pragathi’s joy was contained; she didn’t want to celebrate prematurely. As for Dr. Girija, an expert in her field, she not just held incredible medical capabilities, she also knew how to handle a case as sensitive as Pragathi’s.

The Nine Months

Dr. Girija figured out that it was essential to keep Pragathi positive, but not too hopeful as going down the same road would leave her devastated. Dr. Girija weighed out all the medical possibilities and realized that the best way to progress would be to have very short-term goals. Here is where the thin line between a good doctor and an excellent one becomes very apparent.

A miscarriage is not just a medical event or occurrence. It is something that can change a woman’s mental make-up, reducing her to shadows of what she was previously. Therefore, in keeping the patient’s overall health in mind, it’s critical that a medically effective plan is devised in the interests of both the patient and the unborn child.

The idea was to first stabilize the pregnancy for 25-26 weeks. Over this period, owing to some complications, Pragathi also had to get cervical stitches to prevent a miscarriage at 14-15 weeks. During the course of the pregnancy, the goals changed. When Pragathi carried the baby successfully to the first milestone, Dr. Girija then moved the goal to 33-34 weeks. During the course of the pregnancy, Dr. Girija was exceptional - not just recommending the usual blood tests and scans, but being cautious to ask for extra tests too.

Pragathi underwent ultrasounds once in 3-4 weeks in the initial trimester, increasing the frequency to once a week during the third trimester as Dr. Girija wanted to monitor the growth of the baby, considering Pragathi’s uterus had reduced capacity compared to normal women. There were also Doppler tests to study her cervical length and to ascertain whether the baby was getting adequate blood supply.

Up Next

Despite the best efforts, things can go awry. Given how complicated Pragathi’s pregnancy was, the next blog will tell you what happened next. Was it happiness all around, or did it go through another twist of the plot? Keep reading!

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