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Make your pregnancy an event to rejoice: 10 guilt-free ways to have fun during pregnancy

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy brings immense joy and happiness to a couple. It is the most powerful feeling of creation where you can feel life growing inside you. A baby grows inside its mother’s womb and this process is medically understood as fertilization. The woman’s body undergoes an enormous transformation during pregnancy. Her body goes through major hormonal changes which lead to mood swings and discomfort. In such a condition, it is imperative to maintain within one’s self a healthy and happy state.

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Women should enjoy and have fun during pregnancy for a healthy mind and body. Activities that bring joy, happiness and relaxes the mind, should be performed.

Here are ten ways to have fun during pregnancy;


Listening to your favourite track energizes your body. Music is said to have healing abilities and has a soothing effect on the mind. Music promotes relaxation during pregnancy. Recent studies done in the field have revealed that the baby can hear sounds from outside the womb, so it’s also pleasing for the growing fetus. Listening to music can be fun and also boost your mind.

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You can always go for a picnic to a nearby park for enjoyment. Travelling long distances is not advisable during pregnancy as it can be risky. But you always have an option to visit a garden near your locality or to go to an amusement park. Carrying your favourate food with you is advisable as your craving will be high during pregnancy. Visiting new places brings excitement and is motivating.

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Write down all your feelings and things-to-do list in a dairy. Make plans and write them down in your journal. Maintaining your journal can be a fun activity to do. You can write down the day to day activities and can read it later. Reading about your own life like a story is very exciting.


It is said that your baby in the womb can hear outside voices. Talking to your baby makes your bond stronger with him or her, and you feel a strong connection. It can be fun as well as relaxing.

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Dancing has always been a fantastic exercise for the body and mind. You can dance in slow motion or just raising your hands and going with the flow of music to calm your body and mind. Little exercise during pregnancy is needed for the body.

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Doing what you like is the best activity to have fun. Many of us like painting, cooking, reading novels and watching television etc. You can explore yourself, your likes dislikes and can work on it. Pregnancy is the best time for recreational activities that refresh your mood.


Sharing your feelings with a dear one is very relaxing and fun. You can ask your friends to come down to your place and can spend a few hours chatting. Speaking out your mind is an excellent way of calming your mind.


Shopping has been one of the favourate activities for women. Most of us love to buy things for ourselves and our family. Pregnancy is the best time for shopping, as you will require maternity clothes. You can go for online shopping if you don’t feel like going out. Although, visiting a shopping mall will be more fun.


Eating your favourite food makes you happy. Eating your favourte food should not include junk food or those kinds of food-restricted during pregnancy. Preparing a fruit salad of your favourite fruits can be fun to do. Chocolates are said to induce happiness. But not to be consumed at large amount as it contains caffeine. A new study suggests that pregnant women can have 30g of chocolate every day as it may benefit fetal growth and development.


Exercising during pregnancy is essential and can be fun if done in a group. Yoga is one of the best ways to exercise during pregnancy. It is fun when you join a maternity yoga class and practice with other pregnant women.

These were some of the ways to have fun during pregnancy. You can also create your way of having fun, with your health being high up on the priority ladder.

Along with all these, a pregnant lady should always be happy. She should remain free from all the stress, worries and tension.

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