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Keeping the baby awake while breastfeeding!

December 3, 2020

Newborns sleep a lot! That's good unless it gets in the way of proper feeding.

Every breastfeeding mom can relate to this, the baby falls asleep while getting fed. It’s common because the comfort and soothing that breastfeeding provides a baby, can sometimes make it difficult for the baby to stay awake.

So the big question is how can you keep your newborn from falling asleep too soon into a feeding?

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Here are a few tips on keeping baby awake during feeds:

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  • Wipe the baby’s face with a cool, damp cloth.
  • Change the diaper halfway through a feed.
  • Try tickling your baby behind the ear, on the feet or at the neck. Just touching the baby gently on the arms, legs or ears can wake him/her again.
  • Give the baby a bright, colourful toy to keep him/her engaged and awake while breastfeeding or put some music on, just loud enough to wake the baby.
  • Rub baby’s back or just massage baby's palms in a circle with your thumb.
  • Bicycle baby's legs and arms.
  • Switch sides, it's a good technique, especially with newborns.
  • Burp the baby, it will ensure that the baby is more awake and ready to feed.
  • You can also talk and sing to the baby.

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Follow all of the above tips and tricks to keep your newborn awake for breastfeeding. If your baby is still sleeping while breastfeeding, even after trying all the above, and you are worried that your baby is not drinking enough, you can always contact your lactation consultant or paediatrician.

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