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How To Take Good Care Of Your Toddler’s Teeth?

December 3, 2020

Your naughty three years old eats lots of chocolates and sugar candies and it scares the hell out of you when you think of his/her oral health. Dental care is an important part of the healthy growth and hygiene, but most of them neglect it. As parent to the toddler, it is your responsibility to take extra care of your kid’s dental health.

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Below are some tips that may guide you and help you to take good care of your toddler’s dental health.


Keeping a check on your kid’s food habits is the first step to start with. Sweet and sugary snacks like chocolates, cakes, Mithais, and ice-creams facilitate acid attack and cause cavities. Cut down the consumption of juices, aerated drinks for the same reason. Water and milk are good for your toddler’s healthy teeth.


Proper brushing is crucial for oral health. Encourage your kid to brush and floss twice a day and wash mouth with water after every meal. Also, whenever you buy toothpaste ensure your paste has fluoride. Use of fluoride helps in preventing the teeth from decaying.

As your toddler’s gums are soft and delicate, make sure you use soft bristle brushes or soft cloth to clean your toddler’s gums and teeth.


If you put your kid to sleep with a bottle of milk, it isn’t doing any good to him/her. Don't put your child to sleep with a bottle of juice, formula, or milk as it may cause tooth decay. If you want give your child a bottle that he/she can take to bed, make sure it contains only water.


Regular dental check-ups are must for healthy teeth. You must start taking dental checkups regularly from the day your child’s first tooth appeared. Regular visits help the dentist to detect your child’s dental needs and plan accordingly his/her dental checkup schedule.


There are some habits your toddler needs to get rid off to have healthy teeth and they are sucking thumbs or fingers and teeth grinding, etc. These habits are pretty common and don’t usually need treatment. But, it’s better if you can make your toddler get rid of such habits soon. Early routine check-ups with a pedodontist can aid in getting rid of these habits.

Adopt healthy dental care and keep your junior’s beautiful and innocent smile healthy forever.

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