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How to Increase Your Child’s Immune System Health

July 10, 2024

The immune system protects the body against germs and infections. It keeps a record of every germ it fights. This memory helps it recognize the germ or infection during the next attack and produce the appropriate antibody to fight the germ.

A child’s immune system is very immature, meaning it still does not know how to fight many germs. As a child grows, their exposure to germs increases, thus increasing the chances of invasion by these germs. When the germs invade the body, the immune system will learn to fight against it and commit the antibody to its memory for future use.

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Importance of Immune System for Kids

A child falls sick more often than adults as their immune system is still weak. It needs the right nutrition and support to develop and improve its defense against foreign invaders. Without a strong immune system, a child will fall sick more often, which in turn will affect their growth and development. When the body is constantly fighting battles against infections,it does not have or use the resources for growth.

How to Increase the Immune System in Kids?

Ask any parent about their child’s health and one of their first questions would be “Howto build my child’s immune system?”. If you are also wondering how to boost a child’s immune system naturally, here are a few tips for you.

Regular Exercise

Physical activity and regular exercise are very important for good immune system health. It not only makes their bones and muscles stronger, but it also improves their lung capacity. Their exposure to germs increases and the body learns to fight them effectively. Exercise also helps the body produce and pump more hormones essential for growth.

Never Skip Vaccinations

If you are wondering “How can I boost my child’s immune system despite all the nutritious intake”, then don’t miss any of their vaccinations. Vaccines help the body develop immunity against certain germs and infections.

If you skip them, the child can come under attack and fall sick easily. These illnesses can have severe consequences on your child’s health, which is why doctors give you a vaccination chart even before you take your newborn home. If you miss any vaccine, talk to your doctor and find the next possible slot for the same. It is important to keep your doctor informed about which vaccines are completed and which were missed.

Consult Doctor

Regular doctor checkups are very important for babies and young children. During the initial few years, their immune system is very weak and they tend to fall sick more often. Though you may know what medicine the doctor will prescribe, it is not advisable to self-medicate. It is important to consult the doctor every time and give your child only the recommended dosage.

In the initial few years of a child’s life, the medications are constantly adjusted according to their age and weight. So, it is not safe to do this calculation on your own. Regular doctor consultations will also help you ensure your child’s growth and development are on track. Identifying issues at the earliest and treating them is the best way to keep a young child safe and healthy.

Hygienic Practices

Teach your child basic hygiene practices and ensure they follow them at home and outside. Let it become a practice so that you need not constantly remind them about it. Teach them to:

  • Wash their hands with soap and water every time they comeback home or before they eat.
  • Use a handkerchief or tissue and cover their mouths while sneezing and coughing
  • Stay away from other children or adults who are coughing badly
  • Not eat things off the floor or other surfaces
  • Have a bath daily and wear clean clothes
  • Brush their teeth twice daily

Follow Routine

A routine is very important for a child’s development.Ensure your child wakes up and goes to bed around the same time every day. This helps set their biological clocks and the body will function better. Getting a minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep is very important for a child’s immune system health. Also, ensure your child has their meals at the same time every day.Erratic eating times can cause the body to go into shock and preservative mode,which can negatively impact the immune system.

Reduce Stress

Yes, children undergo stress too. It is not just the adults whose health suffers due to stress. For children stress can be not eating or sleeping on time, not playing, too much pressure with school work and exams,etc. It may seem small but this is what can cause stress for those small beings. Help your child reduce their stress and anxiety so that their body is not in a constant fight or flight mode.


How to boost a child’s immune system is every parent’s worry. A child’s immune system health is very important for their overall health and development. The immune system’s health at a young age is what determines the child’s health as they grow up or get older. With small changes in food intake and routine, you can increase the immune system in kids.


  1. How can I boost my child's immune system fast?

  Following a nutritious diet, hygiene practices, not missing vaccinations and regular exercises can boost your child’s immune system quickly.

  1. What foods are good for kids' immune systems?

  Foods rich inessential nutrients like dairy products, eggs, fish, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts are good for a kid’s immune system.

  1. How do I know if my child has a weak immune system?

  If your child seems to fall sick more often than other children their age and takes more time to recover, then their immune system can be weak.

  1. What weakens a child's immune system?

  Regular illness and the lack of sufficient nutrition can weaken a child’s immune system.

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