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How soon should I go to the doctor after a positive pregnancy test?

The time between the pregnancy test and finding a result looks like an eternity. These precious moments are filled with excitement and nervousness for a couple who are trying to conceive.

At last, when you find a positive pregnancy test result, your happiness in being parents is indescribable. For a few days, you wonder how to behave, how to react, or what to do. Your heart will question if the test is real or not.

For women, a missed monthly cycle is always a sign that they might be pregnant. Some of them, however, may experience symptoms of early pregnancy, such as bleeding, which occurs when the fertilized egg connects to the wall of the uterus. It is termed as implantation bleeding. Whenever you are in doubt that you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test at home.

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Positive Pregnancy Test

Mostly, a positive pregnancy test result means that you are pregnant. When there is a specific amount of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) in your urine, the result comes positive. The HCG is a hormone which is released eight to ten days post-conception when the fertilized egg connects to the wall of the uterus. From this point, the hormone level increases at a steady pace until the next few months.

In medical term, the result is considered as negative when the level of HCG is less than 5mlU/ml, and the result is considered as positive when the level of hCG is higher than 25mlU/ml. Some pregnancy test kits are susceptible and will show the pregnancy result as positive when hCG levels reach 15mlU/ml, while others are less susceptible and will show pregnancy result as positive when hormone levels of HCG reach over 25mlU/ml.

What to do after confirming pregnancy?

Once you have been tested positive for pregnancy, there are many things you need to do. From stocking up diapers to making the nursery, but before you go ahead with these things, it is essential to follow the following suggestions:

  • Doctor’s Appointment

Most women do not prefer to visit a specialist until they are at least eight weeks pregnant, but consulting an appointment after a positive pregnancy test is always a wise idea to start your pregnancy.

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  • Find Out Your Due Date

The process in pregnancy is evaluated from day one of your last period. However, it is difficult to determine the exact date when you are ovulating and conceiving. The day one of your previous menstrual cycles is considered the first day of pregnancy. But if you want to know the exact date, talk to your doctor.

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  • Type of a Care Provider

You can decide if you're going to continue the treatment by an obstetrician and gynaecology specialist (OB / GYN) or if you want to get help from a midwife. If you have any complications or risk in pregnancy, you can opt for a maternity care provider. If you are expecting a standard delivery, you can go with a midwife.

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  • What to Expect

The upcoming nine months of pregnancy is not easy. You will experience a lot of changes in your body and skin. Swollen feet, constipation, frequent urination are common in pregnancy. Your baby grows inside you, so your hormones will also change to nourish your baby, providing the ideal environment for its development. All these things will be new for you, so it is essential to prepare yourself in advance.

  • Eat Healthy Food

Healthy eating during pregnancy is vital to your baby’s growth and development. You should start taking prenatal vitamins. In order to get the nutrients you want, you must include foods from a variety of food groups such as green vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products, bread, protein sources, etc. You must quit drinking and smoking. Moreover, you can talk to a dietitian if you want to make a healthy diet chart for pregnancy.

  • Start Pregnancy Safe Exercises

During pregnancy, you may not be able to stick to your regular workout schedule. Hence, it is essential to ask your maternity specialist for some pregnancy-safe exercises.

Moreover, if you do not work out regularly, it is an excellent time to start with it. Doing exercise daily can keep your body strong and healthy. It will also help in making labor more comfortable. Swimming and jogging are the two best workouts for women you are pregnant.

  • Start Saving

Planning a baby is a tough job and can also be expensive. Hence it is wise to start saving. From hospital bills to maternity care, you will have to spend on many things. You will have to keep in mind your child's education and start saving for it as well. Therefore, it is essential for you and your partner to sit together and plan your savings.

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Pregnancy can be confusing and exciting at the same time, as brings a lot of happiness and changes in one’s life. You will feel this more if this is your first pregnancy, but the experience is valuable, whether it is your first or second pregnancy. Your body will experience a lot of changes, so it is essential to consult a maternity specialist or maternity doctors near you."

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