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Hello, Sunshine: Keeping Your Baby Happy Through the Summer

December 3, 2020

Summer is synonymous with naryal pani and mangoes and tiny whiny tangoes. There’s something about summertime in India that just doesn’t agree with infants. As the mercury rises, so do allergies, infections and moodiness. The smaller the body, the bigger the impact.

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As we part with the winter months and get ready to embrace the tropical sunshine, it’s wise to take a few steps to ensure that your baby is summer-ready and ready to brave the heat. In this guide, we show you how.

Layer Lightly

Pick loose-fitting clothing in pastel colours to allow your child’s skin to breathe in the sun. Skip embellished clothes and heavy outfits with lace, buttons and frills. Also, carry a quality sunhat and an umbrella for days spent outdoors. If your child is old enough to attend preschool or accompanies you on visits to the supermarket, resort to layered clothing.

Slip on a light sweater if there’s air conditioning, and shed the bulk in the sun. Keep a blanket handy as well, in case your little one feels extra chilly in an indoor environment.

Be Generous With Water

Infants tend to burn out their water reserve quickly and are often resistant to drinking more. It’s important that you increase your child’s water intake during the summer months, because infants’ immune systems are fragile, making them susceptible to infections such as baby flu and the common cold. Aim at making your child drink at least 350 milli liters of water per day.

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Try offering homemade juices, fresh milkshakes and naryal pani as alternatives to water to keep things interesting. Remember, your child only needs additional hydration from water after the six-month mark. Until then, breast milk should provide all the nourishment and hydration required, even during the hottest parts of the summer.

Schedule Naps During Peak Sunshine

The best way to have your little tyke evade the ruthless heat is to reserve naptime for the afternoon heat spells. You should avoid taking your child outdoors during this time, because the harsh sun rays could prove harmful for your baby’s delicate skin. Fit in indoor and outdoor activities during the mornings and evenings.

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Moisturise Skin

Whoever said that moisturisation was limited to winter had clearly never experienced an Indian summer. Many of us slack on moisturising during the summer months because we’ve been conditioned to believe that our skin is driest during the winter. While that isn’t true even for adults, for babies, the impact is magnified. Babies’ skin loses moisture five times faster than adults’, so it’s vital that their skin is moisturised daily after bath time.

Keep Skin Infections and Rashes at Bay

The summer heat is notorious for causing persistent rashes that give rise to irritation and itching in babies. Rashes are usually caused by sweat pools that gather in skin creases around the diaper area. Mopping up extra sweat and dusting the area with baby powder can go a long way in keeping your baby dry, rash-free and happy.

Shield your baby against the infections of the season by making sure that they’re up to date with vaccinations. Regular consultations with your paediatrician can be a good way to safeguard your child’s health through the summer. Get ready to beat the sun by gearing up on Cloudnine.

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