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Fitness During Pregnancy to help you in Weight Management Postpartum

December 3, 2020
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Love from Cloudnine, to the would-be mom.

Wonderful that you’re having a baby!

Don't be worried about the weight you’ll gain, it's natural and it's good at this point in time for you and your baby. You'll certainly be losing a lot of that weight from your body as soon as your baby is born. The weight you’d have lost would be the weight of the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluid.

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You’ll also be losing some more weight in the coming weeks, that of the extra fluid in your body that built up during pregnancy. After the fluid is gone, the body parts might take time to get back in shape. That will happen eventually provided you follow a healthy diet and nutrition routine.

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You would lose all of that extra weight within 6 months, it’s not that big a deal. It is recommended that you don't make haste and slowly lose weight, try losing 500 gm a week.

Most importantly talk to your doctor if you’re having trouble losing weight. You might need an accurate and well-structured diet or weight-loss program to lose that pregnancy weight. It is also recommended that you lose the extra weight before you get pregnant again.

Diet and physical activity postpartum

It is understood that losing weight postpartum is not too different from losing weight at any other time in life. Nutrition and physical activity play important roles in the weight-loss process for new moms trying to lose weight.

Weight loss postpartum, what works, diet, exercise, or both?

Diet and exercise both work, however, you should never go to an extreme to reduce weight. It's recommended to stick to a healthy regime.

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You can cut on the excess intake or cut down junk food and get out of that sedentary lifestyle. Losing weight is 80% about nutrition and 20 % about exercising. You will be lactating, your baby needs good nourishment so you should eat healthily. It really helps if you follow a healthy diet during and after pregnancy to lose weight.

Exercises to start with for expecting moms to lose excess weight easily, postpartum:

  • Walking is a great exercise for expecting moms

Walking during this period is most beneficial, it's convenient, inexpensive and can be an important social activity for expecting moms. You can start walking as per suggested by your doctor.

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  • Yoga acts as a great method to release mental and physical stress

There are so many benefits of Yoga, especially for expecting moms like yourselves, to get back in shape later on. It strengthens your core and gradually builds up stamina and concentration. It helps in balancing one's emotional side which is disrupted due to the excess of hormones.

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  • Light exercises can be taken up

Try exercises after getting an idea from your doctor regarding the kinds of light exercises you can practice during that period.

  • Helping with the day to day home chores

That really keeps expecting moms like you, active and help with losing all that added weight later.

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Exercise During Pregnancy helps in:

  • Improving your mood
  • Maintaining good  posture
  • Promoting muscle tone, strength, and endurance

  • Getting better sleep
  • Reducing backaches, constipation, bloating, and swelling
  • Preventing or treating gestational diabetes
  • Increasing your energy

Watch Video on Exercising During Pregnancy

Always keep in mind that you can achieve anything with a happy and healthy mind and body, so keep yourself happy, show much love to yourself and take good care of your health.

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