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Fact Check for Dads: Things to Remember While Shopping with Your Kid

December 3, 2020

Becoming a new dad is very exciting and sometimes makes you feel like a kid with a new toy. You just can’t get enough of your child and every time you look at them you see more and more of yourself. You will start wishing you had the powers to speed up the hands of time so that you can start taking walks with your baby and even going out to amusement parks and other places over the weekends and holidays. If you are feeling like this, then you should take comfort in the fact that it’s perfectly normal and every dad will go through the same experiences.One of the exciting experiences that you will have with your child is when you take them shopping. A shopping spree with your kid is not just interesting; it allows you to see the world with a different perspective. However, shopping with a baby is complicated and requires a lot of care on your part. There are a number of things that you have to be mindful of before you set out on this adventure, some significant ones are mentioned below –

Understand the Limits

Don’t be too engrossed in the shopping activity and forget that although your child might also be enjoying, they do have limits. You must constantly see to it that they are not hungry, getting too tired, in need of some fresh air, or even a nap.

Encourage Curiosity

Every child is curious! Never scold your child for wanting to look at something. Rather, help them hold it safely and be encouraging about it. Even in cases where you can’t afford something, you should still let them have a look and satisfy their curiosity.

Ask their Opinion

Toddlers can and should be included when making some of the buying decisions to make everything exciting to them. Older children can be more helpful and will resent it if you do not include them in basic decisions such as buying clothes or shoes.

Learn To Say No

Find nice ways of saying no without actually saying so. You can encourage your child to note the name or qualities of the product so that both of you can remember it when you make a return trip. Do not tell your child that you cannot afford something; instead, encourage them to buy something as interesting, but affordable.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that every child behaves as well as he is treated. This means that a child who is regularly given attention, love, care and patience will be happier and have more tolerance for a shopping trip or any other challenge they face in life. Treat them well and keep them happy by providing fun time and emotional support.


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