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Excessive Masturbation May Cause Infertility

November 2, 2023

What is Excessive Masturbation?

Masturbation is a personal choice, with individuals varying their approach based on their feelings and the frequency of their sexual urges. Frequent masturbation is okay if it does not affect your regular activities or quality of life.

Some may prefer masturbating more than once a day, while others may occasionally masturbate. If you experience the following drawbacks from excessive masturbation, you might be overdoing it.

1Injury – When you masturbate frequently, your penis might become sore and less sensitive, requiring you to masturbate harder. As a result of overhandling or too much friction, you may injure yourself. It can lead to the formation of scar tissue or a more severe condition known as Peyronie’s disease, both of which indicate excessive masturbation.

2. Lose Focus –Frequent masturbation can disrupt the chemical balance in your brain. If you are constantly thinking of masturbating or feel the urge to ejaculate when under pressure to perform a task, you may be addicted. If your masturbation frequency affects your focus and your education or job suffers, you are masturbating excessively.

3Poor Sex Life –Frequent ejaculation can affect your sex drive. You may feel a greater satisfaction by masturbating than through intercourse. This indicates your brain is wired to orgasm better through masturbation than sex.

4. Swelling –Continuous irritation or friction in the penis can cause it to swell and may result in oedema.

5Premature Ejaculation– If you experience rapid ejaculation during sexual intercourse with your partner or even during masturbation, it may be a sign of excessive activity.

6Low Sperm Count –If your fertility test reveals a low sperm count, it could be due to excess masturbation.


If you have any questions or concerns about infertility, please seek an appointment with Dr. Gayathri Reddy.

How to Recover From Excessive Masturbation?

Masturbating so frequently that your routine is affected strongly indicates excess masturbation. Despite the realization or guilt surrounding it, it is not easy to refrain from masturbating regularly. It would help to reduce the frequency gradually, as your moods, hormonal balance, and mental health are all related to this.

Here are some tips to help you recover from excessive masturbation:

Acceptance – The first step to finding a solution is accepting your problem. Rather than denying your need for excess masturbation or giving a reason for your frequency, if you acknowledge you are masturbating excessively, you can start working towards absolution.

● Distraction – Keep yourself occupied the entire day. Sitting still or not actively using your brain to do some task or problem-solving can give it enough time to dwell on masturbation and remind you how good it feels. Instead, every time you have theurge to step away from your task to masturbate, refocus on something more challenging.

● Go To Bed When Tired– Many people may need to masturbate before bed to sleep well. Start delaying your bedtime. Go to bed only when you are exhausted and might sleep off on the couch. This way, you won’t need to stimulate yourself to feel tired enough to sleep.

● Address Issues –Is anxiety or stress making you masturbate as a coping mechanism? If you are masturbating every time you handle a stressful situation, to help you relax, note the situation. Knowing what are the stressors that compel you to masturbate is an excellent way to come up with a plan to handle such situations.

● Therapy –Sometimes, talking to a therapist can help. They can help you manage stress effectively and develop alternative coping mechanisms. If you are struggling with a deeper psychological issue, therapy can help in multiple ways. They may prescribe medications for your anxiety.


Does Excessive Masturbation Cause Infertility?

We know that masturbation helps you feelgood after an orgasm. But can excessive masturbation cause infertility? First, let’s understand what male infertility is.

A male is infertile when he cannot get his female partner pregnant due to issues related to his reproductive system. Inmost cases, the man discovers his infertility only when he and his partner try to get pregnant. This happens when he does not produce sperm healthy enough to penetrate the egg for fertilization.

A male’s fertility can be affected by multiple factors such as genetics, health issues, varicocele, inflammation in the male genitalia, endocrine disturbances or poor sperm motility. Masturbations not one of the factors that may lead to infertility. However, excessive masturbation has its own set of adverse effects.


Effect Of Excessive Masturbation On Sperm Quality

So, if masturbation does not affect a male’s fertility, why is excessive masturbation an issue when trying to conceive?

A male produces sperm daily, unlike females whose ovaries produce just one egg every month. However, for optimal quality of the sperm, it requires about two to three days. In the case of fertility tests, a male is asked to come for a test two days after ejaculation, as the sperm will be at its best quality during this period.

So, if a male were to masturbate excessively – once or more than once every day, the sperm would not get enough time to recoup. So, though he ejaculates each time he masturbates or has unprotected sex, the sperm quality will be low. The lower the sperm quality, the lower thechances of successful conception.

Ejaculating multiple times a day may deplete sperm levels, as it takes around 24 hours to replenish. When the male partner ejaculates inside the female partner, he may not ejaculate enough sperm, leading to the inability to conceive. So, not ejaculating for two days before having unprotected sex with your partner can increase your chances of conception.



Regular masturbation is not harmful; it can help maintain sperm health. However, excessive masturbation has side-effects, including a negative impact on fertility. Overindulging in something just because it makes you feel good is not advisable. You can always seek help without hesitation if you cannot control yourself.



1.  Can masturbation cause infertility?

No, masturbation does not cause infertility. However, excessive masturbation may affect sperm count quality and fertility.

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