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Effective tips for returning to work

December 3, 2020

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Dad returning back from home

Dad returning back from home[/caption]On most days, working moms feel torn between their roles as caregiver and career professional and no matter what your reasons for choosing to work while raising children - the passion for your work, a way to stay connected to your inner goals, the need to contribute financially, or any combination of these or other reasons – it’s a path that can be filled with agony.To Consult: The Best Pediatrician in MumbaiSo here’s some inspiration! We all need reminders sometimes to embrace our lives and be all that we can be within the limitations of our choices. Here are some tips for that fantastic breed of people called the 'working mothers'.[caption id="attachment_22538" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Men returning from work

Men returning from work[/caption]So you have decided to go back to work and it is giving you sleepless nights (not that you are getting beauty sleep anyway!!). Breastfeeding or not, it is going to be tough and guilt ridden so you need to make plans well in advance and do some trial runs.1) Speak to your employers early and start with short weeks (maybe start on Wednesday instead of Monday)2) Find a place where you can express milk at work (an office or a conference room)3) Use flexible/part-time/work from home options initially4) Introduce your baby to bottle feeds at least a couple of weeks before getting back to work5) Build a 2-3 day supply of milk before you go back6) Assign responsibilities to your partner and always know that you are going to need help and you can't do it alone7) Find out what other working mothers are doing with their routines. Support groups always help8) Most importantly, be very clear about who is going to look after your baby while you are away. This can be tricky but it is vital to ensure that you trust the person/s with your child. Based on this trust you will be able to relax and optimise your time away from your baby9) Nurture your own well being and stay positive; in your lunch break, spend some time on yourself.10) Always have backup plans11) When you go back to pick up your baby, schedule, some 'baby and you' time just before you go back home - either breastfeed or just coo at your baby. This allows you to immediately reconnect and lessen the guilt.[caption id="attachment_22540" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Mom and son

Mom and son[/caption]Must Read: About Friendly ParentingThe best advice I got when I decided to get back to work is - "Remember that every day you already are superwoman; labour and childbirth were never easy choices, so being a mother is the miracle of your choice. Enjoy it and do your best. It will always be enough."(To know more about Cloudnine Hospitals, please visit: Gauri Krishna, CloudnineTo Book an Appointment