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Ectopic Pregnancy: All You Need To Know

Have you got your periods too late? Are you feeling nauseated? Are you undergoing those pregnancy cramps or shoulder pain with a lot of queasiness? Do you experience some discomfort in the abdomen?

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We know, it would be hard to identify what’s normal and what needs a medical examination, given the minimal expression of unique characteristics.  But experiences such as these may call for immediate medical attention, as this might be a typical case of ectopic pregnancy.


Ectopic pregnancy is a condition when the embryo implants itself outside the uterus, or as called in medical terms “Extra-uterine Implantation”. Such pregnancies are often considered complicated and exhibit certain symptoms. Listed below are few of the experiences which to-be-moms undergo:

  • Common symptoms include vaginal bleeding and torrents of sharp abdominal or pelvic pain. Other symptoms in some cases can be diarrhea, nausea or vomiting accompanied by pain.
  • Ectopic pregnancy is qualified when there is a very less increase in the amount of hCG during the test or also when the hCG level does not double in 48 hrs.
  • Fallopian tube rupture may cause severe discomfort in the pelvic region in addition to dizziness or fainting.

Medical demonstration of ectopic pregnancy generally occurs between 4-8 weeks counted from the last normal menses.

Ectopic pregnancies, medically, have never been regarded as safe for expecting mothers and can lead to death if left untreated. Ectopic embryos, which do not have a normal development, may reduce the chances of further normal pregnancies, esp., in the advancing age, therefore, necessitating immediate embryo removal for mother’s health and fertility. Embryo removal is administered through medication or surgery depending on the location of the implanted embryo.

Since the symptoms are masked and largely imitate symptoms of first-trimester pregnancy, I advise you to maintain regular visits with your doctor, and follow the suggested regime and tests.

An ectopic pregnancy can be very overwhelming and unaccounted for. Engage yourself in various activities and care for yourself  through healthy diet and proper rest.

Talk to your doctor about how to ensure a healthy pregnancy in future.

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