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Ear Piercing for Kids: What You Need to Know

May 3, 2024

Ear piercing for kids is a matter of concern for parents, as they worry about the pain and trauma their kids undergo during the process. But ear piercing for kids is important as it boosts their brain development. You may have doubts about where the ear piercing is to be done and choosing the right ear-piercing method. Ear piercing services are done in hospitals, studios, malls, temples, and jewellery showrooms. Deciding the right place for the service is the key to making the process safe for your kids. When getting your child's ears pierced, there are some important things you should know about, which are covered in this guide.

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Benefits of Ear Piercing

Although ear piercing your kid is a tradition, scientifically, there are certain benefits to ear piercing your kid. Many avoid it as it is painful. But it is said that there is a special point in the ear lobes that connects to both sides of the brain. Stimulating this point by piercing it can enhance brain function. Ear piercing is not only done to improve the external appearance but also for the overall well-being of your kids. So, it is a highly beneficial and safe procedure.

Suitable Age for Ear Piercing

Deciding when to pierce your child’s ear is a personal decision. But it is a procedure that must be done with great care. Experts suggest piercing must be done only when the child is physically and mentally ready for it at an ear-piercing hospital. Infant and toddler piercing must be avoided, as it can lead to infections. The older your kid, the more he or she can carry out the cleaning routine on their own. This can help avoid infections in the ear. But if you are concerned about early ear piercing for babies, it can be done after 6 months. This age is appropriate, as your child is manageable during the process.

Pros and Cons of Ear Piercing Using Gunshots

The only advantage of opting for gunshots for ear piercing is that they are quick and easily accessible. However, doctors insist that this type of ear piercing is unsafe for kids and adults. The ear-piercing guns are reusable, and there are chances of infection when the gun is not properly sterilised. There is a potential risk of damaging the tissue in the ear lobes. The studs used in the gunshot may not be suitable for all. This can cause damage or infection in your kids' ears. Ear piercing using gunshots is carried out in malls, studios, and jewellery showrooms by less experienced or untrained people. They are unaware of infection, disease transmission, and other risks involved in the process. So, it is better to avoid ear piercings using gunshots.

Deciding Where to Go For Ear Piercing

Ear piercing by a professional is safe for your kids. Many opt for the traditional ear-piercing method of using a needle. This is unsafe as it is prone to infection. People in piercing kiosks use gunshots for piercing, which can lead to infection. So this must also be avoided, for sure. You can opt for a piercing studio or shop. Check if the person who carries out the piercing is trained. Ensure that they follow all the safety measures to avoid infection. Ear piercings can also be done in hospitals and clinics. If you are looking for ear piercings near me, make sure to check for hospitals that provide them. Trained and experienced physicians make use of sterilised needles and other stuff required for safe ear-piercing. Doctors also make use of numbness cream to make the procedure painless. It is always best to visit a hospital to get your kid’s ear pierced.

Choosing a Safe Metal Earring for Ear Piercing

This is quite important, as the type of metal earring you use can cause infection after ear piercing. Choose a metal that does not oxidise or react with the skin. Check if the earring material is biocompatible. This avoids skin allergies and speeds up the ear-piercing healing process. Metals like titanium, gold, and stainless steel are completely safe for your kid’s ears.

Safety Measures After Ear Piercing

  • Make sure your child does not touch the specified area until the wound is healed.
  • Clean the area with soap to avoid infection.
  • Ensure that your child does not disturb the pierced area when changing clothes or brushing their hair.
  • Provide ample time to heal.
  • Clean the earrings regularly.
  • Push the earring front and back to maintain the shape of the pierced hole.
  • Make sure the earring is not too tight.
  • Never remove the earring for at least six weeks.
  • The earrings you use must be kept away from hair sprays, shampoos, and other products with chemicals. This avoids allergies.

Check for Signs of Infection

You may notice certain signs, like the ear lobes becoming red, swelling, bleeding, or other discharge after ear piercing. This can be a sign of infection due to ear piercing. Your child may also suffer from fever due to the infection. Consult your paediatrician immediately when you notice any of the above signs. If your kid suffers from a severe infection or allergy, it is highly recommended to remove the earring immediately and leave it for at least six months.

Preparing Your Child for Ear-Piercing

It is important to prepare your child mentally for ear piercings. Make your child understand that ear piercing is a painful procedure. Explain to them that it is a simple and quick procedure. Make them emotionally strong by educating them on what to expect during and after the procedure. Educate them on how to take care of the specified area and the cleaning procedure to avoid infection.

Before getting your children's ears pierced, it is important to be aware of the above things. With the mentioned insights, opt for a safe ear-piercing method. This way, you can avoid infections and other potential risks.


1. How do I prepare my child for an ear piercing?

You must talk to your child about the procedure. You must mentally prepare them before the procedure. Tell them it is a quick process. Educate them about how to take proper care of the pierced area for fast healing.

2. What do I need to know before getting my ears pierced?

Choose a reputable piercer, understand aftercare, be aware of potential risks like infections, and consider placement for optimal healing.

3. What is the best age to pierce a child's ears?

It is said that you can wait until 6 months to pierce your child. However, experts recommend parents avoid piercing babies and toddlers. They insist on waiting until your kid is ready for the procedure.

4. How do I decide what ear piercing to get?

Go for an ear piercing method that is safe, i.e., one that is infection-free. Using reusable needles or gunshots is considered unsafe. Check for places where they make use of sterilised needles for ear-piercing. Choose a facility where the person who carries out the procedure is trained in ear-piercing.

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