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Diwali Safety Tips For Kids And Parents

October 21, 2022
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It’s that time of the year again! Diwali is a celebration, and many eagerly await it.

While it is an important festival to celebrate with your friends and family, it is also very important to do so, in a very safe manner. Apart from the new clothes, holidays and sweets, there area variety of fireworks too.

How To Celebrate A Happy And Safe Diwali

Though we are always careful, accidents can happen anytime. If we are a little vigilant and follow some basic Diwali safety tips, it can indeed be a fun-filled festival without any mishaps

Here are a few Diwali safety measures you can follow:

1. Note The Sugar

Ah, the Diwali sweets! What is Diwali without those endless mouth-watering treats? If you or anyone at home have diabetes or at the verge of getting it, you need to watch your sugar intake. Yes, it’s just a day, but it takes just one day of mindless indulgence to trigger a diabetic attack. Be conscious of what you gift too. You can opt for low-sugar variants or healthy nuts.

2. Limit The Noise & Pollution

The success of Diwali has long been measured by the loudness of the fireworks. A happy Diwali need not be too loud. Consider the elders, babies and even the pets around you. The loud noise and immense smoke/pollution can harm them in multiple ways. It may be just for a day but the damage can last much longer. Very loud crackers can cause serious anxiety issues for all of them.

If everyone around is lighting very loud and smoke emitting fireworks. Keep the doors and windows closed and preoccupy the elders, babies and pets with something to help them cope. Anything above 80-85decibels can be tough on them.

3. Road Safety

Driving on Diwali can be a risky affair. Lookout for lit crackers and kids running around. Driving slower than usual can be helpful too. Ensure you or your family members follow safety rules on Diwali while bursting crackers. If you notice a vehicle or person coming by when you are waiting for your cracker to burst, please warn them.

4. First Aid & Emergency Contact

Keep a basic first aid kit and a fire extinguisher nearby. Basic items for treating burns or cuts will suffice. If anything more, you need to see a doctor.

Note down all emergency numbers and keep them within reach for anyone and everyone in the house to access. Numbers of doctors, fire stations and the nearby police station are very essential during Diwali. You can always get the number off your smartphone but in case of an accident, you may not actually have the time to find out your phone and search for numbers.

5. Discard Safely

Always safely discard the used crackers. Used fireworks strewn around are an inviting sight for kids and pets to explore. The heat and the chemicals from used fireworks can be very dangerous too. Did you know a used sparkler can still burn your child’s skin for many minutes after it is out?

How To Keep Your Child Healthy Through Diwali

While all the above safety precautions for Diwali apply to kids as well, there is a need for some extra safety measures for children during Diwali. Here are a few precautions to take for your child during Diwali:

1. Clothing

Clothing is one of the foremost aspects to note when it comes to kids. Opt for cotton clothes that cover their hands and legs, when they are lighting fireworks. All other fancy clothing materials cannot only get in the way but can easily catch fire too.

Children, no matter how many times you tell them, always throw caution to the wind and just run around. If you have diyas or lamps lit around the house, ensure they are not placed near any curtains or clothing.

2. Safe Crackers For Diwali

There is fire and a lot of pollution involved when it comes to fireworks. Yes, even those harmless-looking sparklers can cause severe burns and emit a lot of pungent-smelling smoke too.

If you have very young children who enjoy their fireworks, the best you can do is chose the “safer” ones. Opt for sparklers that do not crackle, crackers that do not have a very loud bang or fly everywhere when they burst.

Festivals are a time for “huge discounts”. You need to be cautious about the fireworks you buy if you want to avoid accidents.

3. Supervise

One of the most important Diwali safety tips for kids is to never leave children unsupervised. No matter how old they are, Diwali is a time to keep an eye even on the older kids. They can get creative to make Diwali more fun. It is a very good idea to at least check in on them from time to time. Their attempts to outdo their peers will drastically reduce if they are being watched by an adult.

4. Eye Health

Eyes can suffer a lot during Diwali. Some eye health safety tips for Diwali you should teach your kids are:

  • Turn the face away from sparklers or crackers that can explode
  • Some fireworks have a strobe effect, avoid looking at them continuously
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching your eyes
  • Wear protective glasses or goggles when bursting crackers at a close distance

5. Consider Age

Fireworks need to be age-appropriate. No matter how courageous your child may be, do not encourage them to light fireworks that are too advanced for their age. If your child insists, stay right by them when they light it, so that you can react immediately in case of any accidents.


If you are wondering how to have a safe Diwali with children, pets and elders at home - you just need to be vigilant and thoughtful and follow the above-mentioned tips. You and your family can enjoy a fun-filled safe Diwali!

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